Hybrid Persimmons Future Look Great


I felt the same disappointment! But the next year was fantastic with lots of fruit!


How large of a tree does JT-02 become, Tony? My graft is definitely more vigorous than any of the kaki grafts I made this year. Maybe that tree will fruit for you next year, since it already got so big.


Rossey regardless of how it is spelled is the same


Rosseyanka (Rosseyanka 18) and Rosseyanka 2 are not the same if that’s what you think. I had the opportunity to discuss it with 2 coaches Russian and Ukrainian. One of them unveiled it to me, the other has it.
Rosseyanka 2 is currently used in the selection of new varieties, such as Nikita’s gift, Rosseyanka, gora and others.


Another difference between these two varieties.
Rosseyanka withstands -32 ° C, Rosseyanka 2 at -28 ° C.


My JT-02 that I bought from Cliff 4 years ago is at 8 feet tall. I pruned the top a couple of times to make it a vase shape.



I made you message on messenger to give you the origin of Rosseyanka 2 and the name of people who will be able to validate what I wrote. At your disposal if you need.


Most fruit on nikitas gift dropped in a day or two. I have only 4 left. I dont know will they stay or not. Maybe I will not have taste test this year afterr all :confused:


The beginning years are always more difficult. You have to remind yourself that fruit trees are longterm projects.


I’m well aware of that. But when I see so much fruitlets my hopes go big. After all I think that is the 4th year in ground for persimmons. Jujubes have some fruits the same year after planting. Ahhh damn jujubes are making me anxious about other plants :grinning:


Do the hybrids – Rossey -/- Nikita hang on the tree when ripe ?
Or do they drop like an American


Good question. If I remember correctly they hang on. But I’m not sure, all my knowledge about persimmons and some other fruits is from the internet, nurseries and this forum.


No, they never drop when ripe.


I’ve looked up my archives and found this photo of Nikita’s Gift from 2015. The tree was not older than 4 years (on virginiana rootstock) and the photo was taken after a light night frost which resulted in a complete leaf fall. Even a hen appreciates the crop…:slightly_smiling_face:


Now that is what the NG should look like but only where you live! It dropped fruits like crazy for me and not cold hardy in Zone5 for me. JT-02 is my guy for Z5.



Wow, very impressive


@tonyOmahaz5, I have off-topic questions.
I noticed that path in your garden, it’s pretty cool. Is it made from stone tiles?

For a while I want to make pathways in my home garden and cover the rest with wood mulch. But I couldn’t find an affordable source of stone tiles.

Also, why do you use stones as a mulch? I’ve just got a free pile of wood chips for mulching.


I used the large river rocks about 10 truck loads around the whole house for permanent landscapes covering with 2 layers of commercial weed tarps. No weeding the last 13 years when I built my house. The stone path I bought it either from Home Depot or Menards for $5 a piece 16"X16" I think. I am too tire to replace the wood mulch yearly from decomposition.



Yes, $5 a piece, 16"x16" is still very expensive… I think I would need hundreds of them… They do look nice.

Landscape fabric under mulch is what I use also. Not a permanent solution, you are right. Now I’ll have weeks of hard work coming - to spread all those wood chips around the garden. Will also continue to grab horse manure at nearby stable, pack into contractor bags and drive to my garden. Already moved some ton or so. My kiwis respond well :wink:


Lehmans delight must be productive variety. How many leaves - so many fruits.

This is one scion of three,only this one had flowers and now fruits. Will see if they will stay.
About rossiyanka, few fruits are growing but also just started to flower more.

And for the end two fruits of nikitas gift. I think that finally this year I’ll have taste test :smiley: