Hybrid Persimmons Future Look Great


Nice photos! I think Lehman’s Delight is an American variety and not a hybrid, at least according to Cliff’s catalog.


Maybe you’re right. However it is interesting variety. This scion with fruits is grafted on rossiyanka. Other two scions are on d.lotus rootstocks.


It’s Lehman’s Delight, Martin and surely is an American variety.

Nice stuff!



Does anybody know why my persimmons keep dying? I ordered them from Just Fruit and Exotics, they were nice plants. They survive the first year over the winter, and the next die mid to late summer the following season. I am in zone 6 upstate NY.

I had a Prok die on me, followed by Rossyanka, which are hardier than some of my others, which also don’t look happy.

I have all kinds of stone fruit trees growing in the same spot, which is on a south facing slope in full sun. The other types of fruits are all growing well, only persimmons seem to be slow and always die for no explainable reason.

These are very expensive to keep replacing. I only get a couple of inches growth, or none, per season. Yet they die the second season usually. I’ve replaced a couple of times already…

Please help, I really want to succeed with persimmons!


Just Fruits and Exotics grows great trees, but they get their seedling rootstock locally. I worry about that and think it might be the reason some of my trees from them them have died, too. I just don’t think they have the cold hardiness to survive in zone 6. Not all American persimmons can survive this far north. I’ve had a few from JF&E that never woke up after a winter, and a few that chugged along for some of the summer before wilting and dying – not SPD because the leaves didn’t turn black. My thought was that the rootstock was damaged and just couldn’t recover. Everything I’ve purchased from Cliff at nuttrees.net has done much better.


Thanks for that. I don’t think Cliff offers some of the Kaki I wanted to try. Is Lotus rootstock better than virginiana? I thought I read it was less hardy, but whatever JF&E offers isn’t working for me.


I would advise you to plant some seeds of D. virginiana on the spot and see how they grow. Later you can graft them to whatever you want.


I don’t have seeds but the rootstocks keeps suckering and growing really well, only the cultivars died so maybe it isn’t a rootstock issue?


I love the look of Nikita’s gift in Fall as they ripen.


You can tell your neighborhood kids that you grow mini-pumpkin tree for Halloween :smile:

Bright orange persimmoms on their trees in the fall is picture perfect.


Can’t wait for them to bear first fruits. Waiting in the pots to be planted next year in the soil.

H-120, Kasandra, Barbara’s Blush, JT-02, Lehman’s Delight, Valeene Beauty and Prok.


Some nice fall foliage on a seedling JT-02.


Very pretty red color.


Very nice indeed!
What is a seedling JT-02? Is this a seedling of the JT-02 parent?


Right. JT-02 is one of the parents. I don’t know what the other was.


Hello folks! I am kind of new to persimmon growing. Last year was the first time i got some fruit on wild DVs that was OK, but i graded them them to Prok and Rosseyanka past spring. I also planted Meeder, Yates, Geneva and Barbra Bush 2 years ago. Anyway, what do you guys do to winter protect your hybrids? I am in z5 and it is normal for us to have mid negative teens overnight.
Also, i read a lot about JT-02 hybrid on this post, and i would really like to get either the plant or scions from it. I contacted Cliff England, but he will not have either available. Do you guys know of any other place offering this hybrid, or maybe some of you are willing to sell?


Here is a parent of JT-02, Taishu/Taisyu. This is a smaller one I had in Japan. They get over 300 grams and normally ripen in November. This one differentiates male flowers so most fruit were seeded.


I think that you upload some unintended photos. By the way I didn’t know that persimmons can be that big :open_mouth:


I saw and tried to edit it out on my phone but the photos are still there. Could a moderator help and remove all other non-persimmon pictures?


Nice looking Asian persimmon. The Josephine D.V is the other parent. That is the reason why JT-02 tasted so good.