Hybrid Persimmons Future Look Great




Andrew, I will ask you once again about the taste of Taishu. This one looks to be unripe. How does it compare with Tam Kam? Thanks.


@Harbin It was very crunchy and hard but this is likely because, as you said, it was not fully ripe. It is supposed to be softer and very juicy according to this article. It’s a nice article compared Japanese PCNA persimmons.


Павел,Деревянко В.Н. назвал сорт Чучупака в честь друга детства…


This is the very first crop of my plants.
Nikitas gift (one and only fruit)

Rosseyanka (fruits from two different branches,there is also size difference)

NG dropped all fruits but one, roseyanka not even one. I’m expecting more and more fruits in coming years.
And I have to ask are they ripe enough for picking?


I have found this picture of A.K.Pasenkov - a creator of the first hybrid Rosseyanka back in 1958.



Nikita’s gift. Second year of fruiting. Didn’t drop any fruit. Atleast I didn’t notice any dropped fruit.

Tree ripe in late November.


Does anyone know if the original hybrids were d. kaki on d. kaki rootstock and d. virginiana on d. virginiana rootstock?

Would it matter if both were on d. lotus if you tried to recreate the cross-pollination as long as you grafted d. v onto d. k’s fruiting wood and vice versa?


The rootstock does not matter for pollination, unless it wakes up early/late compared to the other. It does not affect the genetics.


Are you trying to breed persimmons or just grow them?

If trying to grow hybrids, they should do fine on d.v for sure. d.kaki might also work and I will be trying it this year?

Breeding might be extremely difficult. It took lots of trials and AFAIK, very few F1 hybrids between kaki and virginiana exist-- Rosseyanka and JT-02 come to mind. Future generations appear easier.


Trying to breed hybrids. Preferably a large astringent Asian with a Dark-skinned American astringent.


What are you hoping to create? @KYnuttrees has done a lot of great breeding work and introduced almost all the hybrids currently available.


D. californica or texana with d. kaki (Hachiya). A more cold-tolerant “black sapote” family fruit.


Interesting trivia, there is a tree in Ft Payne Alabama that produces black persimmons. This is unusual because the native species is orange fruited. I don’t know if someone brought a tree back from Texas or if it is a natural variant of D. Americana.


I’ve run across the occasional ‘blue’ persimmon up here in KY…most have been ‘spitters’; AFAIK it’s just part of the genetic spectrum.


Looks like Kasandra and JT-02 got flower buds.




Is this your first year fruiting Kasandra? It is a variety I am interested in. My Nikita’s Gift is just budding out.


Yes. It is supposed to taste real good with the parentage of Greatwall Astringent Kaki × Rossyanka male. I hoped it is closed to JT-02 in taste. Not many Hybrids out there can beat the richness of JT-02. Nikita’s gift just sweet, firm ripen and not mushy.


Do you know what size fruits it has?


The black persimmons are about an inch diameter or a tad less.