Hybrid Persimmons Future Look Great


Be sure to grow out these seeds or find volunteers to do it for you! Maybe we can have more productive hybrids in a few years…


Do you cross pollinate JT-2 or it is self fertile?


My new Kasandra grafts decided to put out several flowers. I removed them all to give them some energy for growth instead.


I am going to cross some JT-02 flowers with Chocolate Kaki male flowers that I just freeze the pollens. JT-02 flowers hasn’t open yet. I will grow out the seeds to see what happens.


My 2nd year grafts JT-2, Morris Burton and Prox look like they have flowers but it is a long way from blooming.

I may do like @ramv did, or maybe, not :laughing:


Just save one fruit of each to try out.:blush:


They are self fertile, right?




Doesn’t self fertile mean they create viable-seeded fruit without need of another pollenizer, whereas self-fruitful includes that as well as parthenocarpy - unfertilized fruit?


JT-02 is self fruitful or parthenocarpic. It will be seeded with pollination.


Thanks for your clarification. I will see if each of those 3 grafts can carry a fruit.


I’m in! :grimacing:


Today I top worked about half the Jiro tree to 3 new varieties— JT-02, Kasandra and Chuchupaka.
Hopefully no incompatibilities between Kaki rootstock and hybrid persimmon scionwood.
I used bark grafts. Temperatures are still quite cool and VERY rainy. Only expected to be mid 60s in near future.
But bark is slipping very easily. Hopefully these grafts take. If they do, next year I will replace rest of tree.


I’m looking for persimmon advice. I live on the Gulf Coast, zone 8b. I planted a Saijo from JFE last fall and it seems to be doing well, it’s quite small still but it flowered and has one fruit on it. I’d like to add another persimmon. I considered Suruga, which is a non-astringent Kaki but I keep reading that the non-astringents are more difficult to grow, can get SDS and are less flavorful. I am intrigued by the American persimmon flavor description—that American persimmons are smaller but richer and more complex tasting. They can get to be large trees though, and I’d like a smaller tree. Maybe another Kaki astringent, Honan Red? Or maybe a Hybrid permission would be a good answer. I can grow a late season ripening fruit being so far south. So, what is a tasty hybrid that will do well in my zone? JT-02? Zima Khurma? Rosseyanka? I read that Nikita’s Gift drops fruit so that is a concern. Advice welcome!


I am in East Texas in zone 8a. I haven’t tasted any of the hybrids yet but I’m told they are fantastic. I have grafted some this year. I grew up on Native American persimmons and they are fantastic too but small and the trees do grow rather large. I purchased a Eureka Asian persimmon which is astringent. It bears a lot of fruit at a young age and when soft ripe has an excellent persimmon taste. The fruit also can be sliced and dried while still astringent for fruit “candy”. It’s not a tree that is advertised a lot but recommended highly for Texas and that’s how I learned about it. Mine fruited around 60 fruits it’s third year and had near 100 last year. My Fifth year tree is around 8 foot and has been pruned only when I was collecting scion.


Thanks! Eureka certainly sounds reliable and productive. I will look into it!


Tanenashi and Hachaya are nice big asians that do well on the gulf coast. They also will get a very rich flavor if you let them get fully ripe in the fridge. If you eat them as soon as they soften, they are not near as rich as if you refridgerate them soft an extra week.


Thanks for the tip! I will try this when my Saijo starts fruiting.


Two seedling hybrids that are holding onto lots of fruit. The tree in the first picture has larger fruit at this point that are squat and slightly lobed. The second tree, which has more native in its parentage, looks like it will end up producing fairly small fruit.


That’s exciting! What do you know of the parentage of these? Did you pollinate them by hand yourself?