Hybrid Persimmons Future Look Great


Yes and yes. There’s a mix of parentage, and not all of the hybrids are fruiting this year – I think I’ve got about 25 or so of different ages. But I’ll post pictures of each and caption them with their pollen and seed parents if they make it that far. One thing I’ve noticed though is that none of the seedlings of Nikita’s Gift have been cold hardy enough to survive here.


That is so interesting SMC!! I hope to do some of this too when my hybrids start making, i can graft a male limb and produce seeds and plant them!!! :slight_smile:


Just done grafting the Super Hybrid persimmon tree with JT-02, Kasandra, and Chuchupaka on a large 3 years old American persimmon seedling.

Photo of Chuchupaka fruits from Harbin tree.


Good luck with your grafts Tony! You score with the Chuchupaka! I love the looks of the fruits.


Yeah I am excited about Chuchupaka, cant wait to get one going in my planting too!! Good job!!! :slight_smile:


I did several chuchupaka grafts also this year and have 3 young trees!
Still waiting for warm weather so I can add it to my large Jiro tree.


Thanks for sharing about the Chuchupaka @tonyOmahaz5,
That would be another one I gave to go after! If I can find some scion next year and rootstocks!
@ramv I went ahead and order a Nikitas gift from Edible Landscaping ! Thanks for the tip!


Here is mine latest grafts. I’ve tried several techniques but mega chip for now is the only that showed growth.
I get scions of jiro tanenashi, kasandra and mriya. For now the first two is taken.

Weeks before this ones I made several mikusu and nikitas gift grafts, for now they do not push any growth.
I had to make nikitas gift grafts because I decided to replace nikitas gift tree to better position. That will be second transplantation in 3 yrs and I was afraid it will die.

This is what it looked like after digging out. But believe it or not the plant is alive and its pushing new growth and it will have flowers.
I will take photo to show what it looks like now.
I’m really impressed with it. Persimmons amd jujubes will be mine favorite fruits. Especially because they dont get frost damage at all.


Here it is now. Nikitas gift, alive and doing well :sunglasses: very few plants can survive transplantation after few years.


Looks good :+1:t3: My nikita had it’s buds frozen off this spring… now it looks like yours did about a month ago :sweat_smile: hopefully I’ll get some fruit though :pray::pray:


Today I received my Nikita’s gift that I ordered from EL but was bitter sweet when I noticed the box has being opened and there was an upside down tree stock in the box, when I pulled out I noticed the damage right away! All the new growth was broken, about 14 inches or better.

Apparently Ups and Fedex they have been opening Packages lately, my wife received a package though Fedex that she ordered but the package was open with no content inside.




I was so upset about it!
I hate dealing with complaints but I guess I have to report the damage.


That is very sad. I am sure they will replace the tree.


I would go ahead and plant the tree. It will recover with a better scaffolds in a year or so. In the meantime, send the photos to them and I am sure they will replace the tree for you. You can call and talk to Mike. He is a good guy.


@Ruben Yeah, that tree will grow so fast because of the loss of all that hardwood! It’ll actually be bigger in a couple of years than if you were to have planted if should it have arrive full.



Thanks Tony for the input and for the info.


I really appreciate the comments that really helps on deciding what to do but also lift me up! Thanks for your comments


I received a broken persimmon tree from Starks last weekend. The box hadn’t been open but the stake slipped through the bottom of the bottomless pot, and the tree was in the box upside down, with the weight of the pot weighing down on it. The break was incomplete. In the previous year growth, about 4 inches above the graft union. I taped it hoping that it might heal, but it didn’t. The new growth and all the leaves just wilted away and died, and I had to trim it off. Hopefully the remaining stump sprouts new growth - there are at least three decent buds. No sign of growth yet though.

Starks were good enough to give me a replacement, even though I didn’t ask for it. I notified them and was going to wait for the outcome.


Kasandra Hybrid persimmon decided to have 3 flowers after the Mother’s day late frost so I might have the chance to test taste it after all. I just pollinated one of them with Chocolate Kaki male flower.