Insect and Disease Identification Thread


I’ve only seen it with asp, did you get any of your trees (or budwood) from other states like florida or california?
Not all asian citrus psylids are infected with HLB, and if they are the incubation period is long… so you won’t start seeing the effects for a long time. Here in california, if they detect HLB in your trees they burn them and disinfect your soil. It is a terible disease.


As far as I know my trees are not from any infected states.
And as I said I have not seen the psyllid here.
I am thinking its something else. Will Be keeping an eye on this.


TheNiceGuy: Your beetle is likely Exomala orientalis, the Oriental Beetle, native to Japan and elsewhere in Asia, introduced to the USA.

A pest of lawns as a grub.


KSprairie: The entomologist may well be correct, although it is usually the larger striped wasps that damage fruit and then the fruit first has damaged skin from cracks, pecks, hail, etc.


Thank you @LarryGene. I know ID-ing bugs from pictures can be hard. Even though I didn’t see any evidence of damage, I didn’t want to be wrong and have these guys causing problems, there are quite a few of them. Thanks!!!


Spraying Sulfur for rust… what constitutes “high temps”? My label says not to apply in times of high temperatures, but doesn’t give a range. I am seeing rust spots on pear, Juneberry, currants, and chokecherry. Would Myclobutanil be a better option? Myclobutanil has Juneberry & currants listed for use. Cherries are listed, but not chokecherries specifically, and pears are not listed.


It would just be an egg at this stage - you wouldn’t see it.

Also, sometimes the egg doesn’t take


I just found some cherries with what I think is brown rot. And also found what I guess might be CAR on Golden Russet. Can anyone confirm?

I have Indar on the way but for now I sprayed a mixture of Infuse and Immunox with triazicide thrown in for some bugs.


Sorry for being so slow Speedster…Promise. It will be there Friday. Sucks your losing fruit…


I have a bottle of infuse but I don’t know how to use it on fruit trees


I agree that the cherries had brown rot esp. the ones with gray mold on them.

The other pic looked like CAR indeed.


My apologies. What is CAR?


Cedar apple rust, a very common disease of apples.


Thank You. I’m not familiar with all the issues and abbreviations yet. Strange I have leaves that look just like that on a Mulberry i have. It’s young and i figured it to just be Sunburn on the Mulberry. It’s just on the upper leaves and not the protected lower…


In Speed’s second pic p, it looked like a beginning stage of CAR. By the end of this fungal disease, leaves look awful.


What is this on my Asian pear.


That looks like Rust.Brady


Ya. Quince rust from what I can gather. Seems to not affect quince fruit but instead only pear and apple. Typically don’t spray my pears so perhaps that is why I see it.


Just discovered this on my pear leaves? Not sure what it is. I have a feeling I’m never going to have fruit.
One thing after the other until they die on me.


I don’t have an answer but I feel bad for you.

Here’s a blog from Cornell. It’s for fruit beyond pears. I like the clear pictures they show. Can you figure out which pic most matches the issue on your pear leaves?