Insect and Disease Identification Thread


Here’s a new bug I haven’t seen before. I saw several of them on my Elderberry flowers this morning. Anyone recognize him and know if it is a problem for my fruit trees & shrubs?


Looks like pear scab. Fungicide should clear it up.


Clark Could it be fabraea leaf spot?


Thanks. Helpful link. Looking at the pictures I was thinking maybe fabraea leaf spot. But since Clark said scab now I’m thinking scab.


I had that for three years. I sprayed with Monterey Fungi Fighter. Each year I had less. One of my three pear trees never had it. This year I sprayed with copper when leaves first appeared and so far there is no sign of it.


Just saw this on my pomegranate twig. Any one could tell me what it is, please. It has an amazing design.


It looks like a forest tent caterpillar, pretty but destructive.


I got a message yesterday from the arborist, who’s been buried under complaints from customers who had their trees treated for scab - says it’s frogeye leaf spot, not scab

But that’s here


I looked up frog eye leaf spot and it looks more like brownish spots. Not as black and not as spread as what I have. Can’t be too sure.


I don’t see frog eye in your pear leaves.


mamuang: Yes, the forest tent caterpillar. Feeds on a variety of trees including cherry, but not known as a pest of pomegranate.


KSprairie: Your insect is a scarab beetle of some kind, I will identify it further later today or tomorrow.


KSprairie’s could be a Spangled Flower Beetle.Brady


Yes Brady, the name Dark Flower Scarab was in earlier and more widespread use. Species name is Euphoria sepulcralis. The adults feed on pollen and nectar and do not chew on the plants. In fact, they could serve as a minor pollinator.
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A few Japanese Beetles are showing up on my muscadines. Their timing is perfect for the start of the short bloom cycle so I have been thumping them hard. I’m reluctant to spray neem or anything during the flower stage.


I agree its scab. I never had that until last year on my pears when I got it really badly. This year I put down a disease spray post-bloom on all leaves (something I don’t normally do as the pears I usually only need to spray the fruits) and I don’t see any of it.

last year I also had some non-fruiting apples I did’t spray at all and they also got bad scab. This year I hit all the apples and there is only a spot or two of scab where I probably missed the spray.


I’m going to hit it with immunox after the next couple of day of rain passes. I don’t have any fruit so I’m not too worried about organic or not. This year has been pretty bad. I’m trying to keep things alive. Hopefully immunox will keep them alive.


Believe it or not, Immunox does not list its use for pears. It lists other common fruit but not pears. I always wonder why?


Do you think I’m better off spraying sulphur or copper?
Copper I have is copper soap something. Octonate?
And according to the bottle, it’s ok to use during growing season.


I never have to spray for pear scab, knock on wood. @scottfsmith would be able to advise you what spray to use.