Insect and Disease Identification Thread


Are these lightning bug larvae? They bore right into figs and strawberries.


I don’t know the name but I have a ton of them on ground drop fruit which they love. They are not ladybug (or lightning bug) larvae but they look somewhat similar.


I wonder if that could be the larva of the Asian Beatle .


The head area and the lack of abdominal taper on your larva seems wrong for lightning bug/firefly larva.

Asian beetle is too general as there are Asian lady beetles and Asian longhorn beetles, and perhaps other “Asian” beetles.


Any idea? I don’t have a clue




It looked almost like two insects, one one the other’s back.

We need @LarryGene.


It’s probably a Walking Stick insect.Brady


@mamuang, you are correct. Up close you can see it is two insects. I was guessing either a predator on one or a offspring. Very strange look. I thought walking stick too but not sure after looking closely. Maybe a bug expert so to speak will know. I’ve never seen it here before.


I seen another creeper yesterday. This is discussing. Lol


Looking at that pic makes my skin crawls!!!


The picture of the 2 walking stick insects . They are mating .


As I suspected…TY Jerry


That is a caterpillar is now the host for parasitic wasps. Win


Very glad I’m not that caterpillar!


Found this guy today. An Io Moth caterpillar. Luckily I picked it up with a shovel, you can see the spines that apparently break off in your skin if you touch it (not sure this will post with that much clarity). May be a threat to my pears, but seems more interested in the black cherry and maple, so I let it be.


Another issue growing fruit. Is this bacterial spot on my peach trees? I can’t tell for sure looking at online pictures. Thanks!


I think I’ve seen this in here and couldn’t find it Anyone?


Sycamore caterpillar?


That looks like spot to me…