Insect and Disease Identification Thread


That looks like it. Excellent link, thanks for posting it!


Yes, that is what that is. I used to find their them and their cocoons back when I was in grade school all the time. I would bring them inside and hatch them in my room. Yeah, my mom was so happy when they hatched. hahaha


How about this guy? Found 3 of them on my passionfruit vine. Sorry for the crappy photo, but he was a maroon red with lots of spikes:


That could be a Gulf Fritillary caterpillar.This source comments,that they spend some time eating Passion Vine before pupating.Brady


Thank you for the ID! It looks like it has wandered a long way from home - or hitched a ride on someone importing passion vines into SoCal more likely.


Yup I make a band of my wife’s old nylon stocking held with a safety pin and smear tanglefoot on it for aphids and aphid sucking ants on my sweet cherry trees. See forum threads here on aphids and ants.


Are these good or bad. Found these two chewing on a small plum tree that needs all the leaves. I carefully moved them to another plum tree with plenty of leaves. Hoping they turn into a pretty butterfly.


They look like these and do feed on plants.Brady


So cute. It looked like it wore a green vest.


They come with jackets?


Those sting like a hot branding iron
Don’t touch.


This is what they become.Not really a beauty queen.Actually a Moth. Brady


You don’t have to make direct contact to get a sting. I lifted these off with a cloths pin. After I finished I had a slight sting from touching the pin. First I though an ant bit me. Glad I didn’t make direct contact.


Is this the same thing? I killed five on a small pluot. They were going to town on it. It almost seemed that it had cameleon capability.


Beautiful and amazing pictures.


Any guesses on what kind of insect laid these metallic looking eggs on a pear leaf? Sorry, I could not get the camera to focus.


My guess is stink bugs which have been really bad this year.


The tomato/potato hornworms found my lone potato plant. Five of them on one plant and they did a pretty decent job on it before I picked them off. Not sure the exact variey of hornworm as they were pretty small. When squished they did produce a very green goo.

Hopefully the plant survives and the potatoes keep growing.


Yes those look like they could be stinkbug eggs. Stinkbug eggs look like they have aliens in them, a bit eerie looking.


The stink bug nymphs remind me of something from Super Mario Bros.