Insect and Disease Identification Thread


Or how about this one? Brady


Lack of spines makes Yellow Bear more likely than the Sycamore. dutch-s where are you located?


North Florida. Zone 8-B


Soldier beetle larvae.


This is on a mulberry. It’s spreading fast. Anyone know what it is? I will try to blast it off with a hose tomorrow and apply need oil.


I had a Anna Apple that looked like that. Copper did the job on mine.


Two bugs I just found on my tangerine tree.

This ugly guy:

And this almost as ugly guy. I thought he might be an assassin bug, but it doesn’t look like it. Do I need to go back and squish him?


I’m not sure about the top photo,but number two looks like a Stinkbug. Brady


Top photo is Orange dog… Monach butterfly caterpillar. Second photo looks like brown marmorated stink bug.



Thank you! I’ll have to go see if he’s still around this afternoon and then remove him.

Glad I squished the Orange Dog, I’ve seen the occasional one around. This guy had already chewed up a few leaves, I’ll have to go back and check for more as my citrus trees are too small to let these guys go unchecked. It’s a shame that they target citrus, they are a striking looking butterfly.


It’s actually a swallowtail not a monarch. I don’t know why I said monarch…must be because I have several around right now. Good luck with your trees. I have over 50 citrus in the ground in zone 8a/b. Have to do a lot of winter protection.



The “Orange Dog” is the common name for a Giant Swallowtail caterpillar.


The stinkbug above is not the BMSB. It is very similar to the Rough Stink Bugs in the genus Brochymena. They appear bumpy and bark-like.


I picked off two more today, one was pretty big and the other somewhat smaller. When pressed, they did stick out their forked ‘tongue’. Rather interesting to watch. I left them in the middle of the yard for the birds.


I cleaned this off with a hard blast of water. I still don’t know what it is.


It looks like some kind of fungal growth? You can sometimes get fungal blooms, the conditions are perfect so it multiplies. I get these bright yellow blooms in my mulch sometimes.


I had a small amount of it last year on a different mulberry and thought it was scale. I looked at it closer this year and agree it wasn’t scale but most likely a fungus. Happy that it came off easy with water from a house. I’ll spray some copper later when dormant.


Found this guy in my garden the other day, he was huge! Left him on the patio table, a couple of hours later he was gone…


I think that is probably woolly aphid. Fungus would be doing serious damage and need 100% humidity to have coverage like that.


Dog vomit fungus?