Insect and Disease Identification Thread


Could be. If I see more I’ll look with a magnifier. We had very high humidity and frequent rain for four months. Very few days below 70%. Nights 90 to 99% and days 75 to 85% and higher on the many days it rains.


That looks like a Tobacco Hornworm, Brady


Any ideas why the ugly, misshapen pear? Birds? Seems like more were grotesque higher in the trees. Thanks!


That can happen with either stinkbugs or plum curculio, its probably one of those two. The damage happened early in the season and distorted the later growth.




We have tons of those big Japanese beetles. They love ripe fruit…the chickens and turkeys love them. You can catch big bunches when they first show up. They release a scent when feeding that draws more. Our kids trap, freeze, and feed them to the birds.


The Green June Beetle is the most repulsive pest I have seen in the orchard. I will follow your advice and feed them to the birds If, I can bare to catch them. They stink way worse than any other “stink bug”


I’m going to trap them and feed them to my pond fish.


my local family of skunks , dig and eat the junebug grubs out of my lawn. i used to live trap and relocate the skunks but then i noticed a lot more june bugs and lawn damage. so now the skunks get their fill and i just put the divets of grass back. everyones happy!


I found several of these insect casings/eggs while spraying. I don’t even know what to call them. Can anyone ID what insect made this?

Oops, forgot to say they are on a seedling plum and apple tree.


I would say a praying mantis.
While often more marshmallows shape , (rounded )
Yours seems more flat .google images shows many like yours
Twice In the past three years, I have watched two different egg masses like that hatch before my eyes.
They all come out at once, in like 5 minutes,
You have to be in the right place at the right time.
I guess I was.!


Wow! That’s pretty cool you were there to see them hatch! I am excited these are good guys! I just assumed they were something else that was going to munch away at my trees or garden plants.


I saw this caterpillar on one of my apple trees last year. I guess I deleted my photo, so I found one on the Internet to post here. After looking at some different sites for ID help, I thought it was probably Hyalophora cecropia, the cecropia moth. The largest moth in North America, I think.

It was so crazy looking, like something from Monsters vs Aliens!

This is what the moth looks like:

This is the cocoon I found in the same apple tree this winter, it’s still there now. It’s so large, I think it is the same guy, crecropia.

So do you guys have this in your orchard? Do you let them stay or do you remove them? I only saw one last year, and he ate a lot of leaves… I am not sure I want to let that cocoon hatch here…


Nah, those huge tobacco worm types eat too much!


But there’s only one


Can anyone identify what this is growing on my methley plum tree? There are a couple of these growing up high near new growth.


Look like a start of the dreaded black knot.


Definitely black knot

Methley is particularly susceptible


Yikes. Now the question is how do I deal with it? And how could I have prevented it?


I don’t know about effective prevention. Cut it out is a practical intervention. Methley is known to get in bad in my and your areas.

Other people in other areas may have positive experience with Methley.