Insect and Disease Identification Thread


The only effective prevention I know for black knot is Indar. It has worked for me along with working for brown rot.


Indar does not work on Black knot on my trees. It may slow down BK’s development but not prevent it, so far.


Is indar the white milky looking stuff? I have some but have never used it. I need to learn more about it and best tines to apply.


I don’t want to be a negative Nancy… I tried several fungicides and nothing worked for me… The only solution I found … which was not really a true solution, was to cut the tree back very hard and graft other plum scions less susceptible to black knot. My Toka has done very well but I probably just jinxed myself. Cutting and burning… I cut and cut and cut for a few years as it moved to the tops I no longer could keep up with it as well as I was cutting most of the fruit bearing limbs out… . I didn’t try indar … but from all I read there is no silver bullet.


If I have time tonight I’m going to cut out the branches with Black knot and spray the tree with Indar. If the black knot keeps coming back I’ll look at other options including regrafting or removing the tree. It’s a shame it is easily the nicest tree I own. I have a lot of varieties grafted to it.

Think there would be any hard to mixing indar with Surround or imidan?


Why imidan? Isn’t that usually used as a drench?


Well Ive been spraying for PC. Thought that I could knock out to birds with one stone.


Most people who spray Surround tend to avoid harsh pesticide. So, I don’t know who mix Imidan with Surround.

As for white milky stuff, a few fungicide meet that description. My Immunox and Indar look like that.


Sorry for the confusion. I didnt mean to mix Imidan and surround. What i meant was to mix indar with either surround or Imidan. I want to spray the Indar for the black knot areas I plan to prune out. And i need another insect spray for PC. Ive sprayed Imidan but have considered spraying surround this time around.


Yes, I’ve mixed Indar with Surround before. The only thing is do not use sticker with this mix.


Hopefully the right thread to post this on. I have 20+ grafted apple trees in pots, most look great, this one looked great a few days ago. Newtown Pippin, all of a sudden looks like this… Thoughts? I’ve moved it, it was sitting right in the middle of the other this-year-grafts.


Praying mantis


Thanks Reg!


Great critters to have around


Any ideas on what this is?


Doesn’t look like a Plum Curculio,but definitely some kind of


That’s what I thought as well. Just don’t have any experience with PC - and don’t want it.


I have a Methley and I have mostly grafted it to other more resistant varieties. It is not my worst offender but if possible I just cut it out. My longer plan is just to eliminate my trees that are most susceptible to black knot. I suspect location plays a big part in how bad they have issues. There are many good tasting plums and pluots so I plan to just get rid of the worst ones.


After finding the black knot on Methley, i had a closer look at the rest of my plums. I found a small knot on Emerald Beaut which I cut out. I didnt find it anywhere else.

I am noticing a bit more fruit set than I originally expected on my plums this year. Should be my first real harvest of plums.


I know nothing about Azaleas other than they prefer low pH soil. Do the leaves in this pic indicate high pH, lace wing infestation, or lack of nitrogen? Or something else?