Insect and Disease Identification Thread


It is a good thing - tomato worm infested with parasitic wasp eggs. Do not destroy it - it will produce many useful wasps to fight these worms.


I would say high PH and may be iron deficiency. I never saw azalea suffering nitrogen deficiency if fertilized at least once a year with acid loving plants fertilizer. But I saw it and blueberry straggling like that when PH was too high. I think they do not process iron, when PH is not low enough.


This is a clove currant. Most leaves on a dozen or more plants are starting to look like this. The leaves are turning brown starting at the bottom of the plants and working upwards. Can you identify? What can I use to treat it?
Thank you!!


Look on the underside of the leaves… could be mites.
btw… lacewings are good guys.


I misspoke. I should have said azalea lace bug. Not lace wing. Azalea lace bug is a bad insect.


After looking under the leaves I saw a bunch of bug poop and the nasty little azalea lace bug. Holy heck it seems I have everything here. Unfortunately the photo is blurry as I was at max zoom.

I don’t have insecticidal soap but I gave them a good shot of Imidan. Sure they can’t survive that can they?


What’s eating the leaves on my cherry tree?


I think a leaf cutter bee .


Definitely the leaf cutter bee… They do way more good than harm. They are very efficient pollinators. This is on my Wax Jambu (Syzygium samarangense) leaves.


. This years crop from the 30+ year old plum tree. Any suggestions as to the cause would be helpful.


We have had perhaps more rain than ever, and just had a 90 mhp storm that tore a limb off the tree.


Maybe some hail in that storm. Not sure but that could be a factor.


There was.


Can somebody tell me what’s going on with my apricot? This is a new graft from this year.

We’ve had ALOT of rain lately.


Rust? Sulfur damage? Insect damage? Bacterialspot?


I never did it myself. It is said that apricot is sensitive to sulfur spray esp. when spraying during high temp 80’s.

Have you sprayed sulfur on it recently?


Not recently. But about a month ago. This is tomcot. I sprayed on orange red too. But it has no issues. Is tomcot more sensitive to sulphur or diseases than orange red?


I really don’t know. Maybe, someone like @Stan or @scottfsmith who have a lot experience with apricots will chime in.


I’ve never sprayed sulphur but every source I read says it can cause damage to apricots.


I stopped spraying sulphur on cots after getting that kind of damage. As you noticed some varieties are fine and some are not so fine with it. Overall it didn’t really slow down the trees too much but I would probably lay off the sulphur on that variety.

I found sulphur generally to be a pain since it stays on a long time and I don’t want to spray any oil while it is on. So this year I have done no sulphur after leaves sprouted. It lets me include oil (Tri-Tek) in every tank and that oil helps with both pests and diseases. If I didn’t have cots I would probably use it but the combination of cots plus oil issues is what made me stop.