Insect and Disease Identification Thread


Thanks for confirming. I’m glad it’s not a disease that could spread. New growth seem to be healthy so far.


This bugger is messing with a gooseberry. He likes the new leaves. He has been dispatched, though i have seen a couple. What is he?


I got a lot of these on my mint too.


Any thoughts on what this bug is? Seems like a large black stink bug type insect. Notice the orange tips on antenna. Seems to be more square/rectangle than oval as stink bugs are. This one was trapped in a spider web but have been seeing them also on Apple trees.


Leaf-footed Bug, Acanthocephala terminalis


Friend or foe in the orchard?


Probably more foe than friend but likely not that harmful. They are known to feed on Hickory, Goldenrod, Boneset, Joe-Pye weed, Staghorn Sumac, River Grape, and Nine-bark. They may be a minor pest to fruits, nuts, and vegetables but I can’t find much information regarding this. Doesn’t seem like something to worry about, definitely not as problematic as the brown marmorated stink bugs.


For me, leaf-footed bug is one of the main pests. It mostly attacks pomegranates but also figs, tomatoes and apricots.


Who eggs are these? Should I let them develop or destroy ?


Do they have hairlike things in a circle near the tops?If so,probably Stinkbug


These are too tiny to tell. If I remember right, stink bugs’ eggs are little bigger.


Clusters like that are usually moth or true bug (hemiptera) and often turn out to be pests. You might leave 10% and see what hatches.


I went back to pick the leaf off now and found out whatever it was there is all gone now without any trace. Amazing, just overnight


Some predator insect must have gotten to them. There should have been some residue of the egg attachments to identify the leaf by.


If some predators got them them I am relieved. There were about hundreds of eggs if a bad bug and eggs were all hatched, I will be in big trouble. Interesting thing is there is no trace of evidence that place had so many bug eggs there the day before. If I didn’t took that pictures, I could be thinking I was insane


Im hoping somebody can come to my aid in identifying the ailment of my carmine jewel cherry bush. It has been a relatively wet spring this year so i believe whe is succumbing to a fungus of sorts, perhaps american brown rot?

Here are some photos


My guess is bacterial canker.


It could also be what ails my plant every Spring,Brown Rot Blossom Blight.I bought some Spectracide Immunox to try next


Any thoughts on what this “rust” is? Seemed to show up very quickly on a number of younger Apple trees after a period of hot and wet weather. Interesting that there is also nibbled leaves nearby.


Noticed Dapple Dandy has some kind of issue. It recently developed black knot and now the leaves are starting to turn and look sick. Its also happening on limbs that do not have black knot. Any idead?