Insect and Disease Identification Thread


I found this guy in the yard this morning. He/she is a beauty! What kind of spider it is? Keeper or goner?


That looks like an Argiope aurantia,a non aggressive garden spider,but can bite if threatened,which is like a bee


Thank you Brady. It’s my first seeing this type of spider in my garden


If you are brave enough to tap it with your finger it will shake its web back and forth, or a grass stem would probably work as well :wink:


You are right. I saw a bumblebee was stuck on its web. I picked up a stick trying to free the bee. The web was vibrating after I got the bee free


Found this on a young apple this evening. Never seen one before. About 3/4 - 1 inch. Quite striking. Sue




Likely one of the Longhorn Beetles, family, Cerambycidae. I will search for a species match later.

Edit: Round-headed Apple Tree Borer
^ check out the Info and the Data tabs for range, feeding habits


Does not sound like a good thing to have on an apple tree!