Insect and Disease Identification Thread

…and a dead insect is even easier to examine for leg count.

Without knowing what that larva was eating, it may have starved without the exact right leaves. If it was crawling around in the jar rather than staying still or writhing, it was not injured.

The larger and showier of the scorpionflies occur back East. Some smaller species are in the PNW. I have never seen one here.

I assume this stink bug is a pest? Found on an avocado seedling in the greenhouse, but it seemed inactive, not feeding actively.


Yes, stinkbug.

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Are all stinkbugs pest species? I would assume at least most of them are.

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Yes, pests. They will strip a tree pretty fast once there are enough of them.


Stinkbugs feed by piercing and sucking plant juices rather than stripping via chewing.

A small percentage of stinkbug species are “predatory” and are beneficial.

The yellow rim on the swincher stinkbug may be a key ID feature; I will look for an ID as time allows.


If I have a tree with them on it I presume they are not being a benefit to the tree. Tough to identify a group of them if they are perhaps different species. So I spray them all.

Looks like swincher has the common “Green Stinkbug”, Chinavia hilaris, a pest species.