Insect and Disease Identification Thread

Yeah it seems like it just randomly got mildew. I plan to plant it outside soon tho. And yeah it wiped off easily. I’ll probably do the baking soda spray when I plant it.

Hi everyone, after mulching and water my strawberries yesterday, I saw that many of the leaves had curled/ cupped and had some black/ grey areas. Is this a fungal disease or did I just over water? Thanks!

deformed apple leaves and fruit.

I have a lot of older, neglected trees as well as cedars around, so it could be anything. Sprayed with fungicide right before bloom then fungicide & insecticide after petal fall. This is about 10 days later. Also, my spray coverage could have been shoddy.

Could be damage from spray or something spray didn’t catch or insect damage… or something else? nutrition?

Sprays: dormant copper/sulfur/oil, early bloom: toledo (tebuconazole)& mancozeb, then post bloom toledo (tebuconazole)& mancozeb avaunt & assail.

I know the toledo+mancozeb isn’t the most effective for apple rust but it’s what I could get and spray. I have rally (myclobutanil) but it’s in large packets and I haven’t been willing to break them open.

Powdery mildew only needs humidity, not direct rainfall. And yes airflow should help keep it down but UV from direct sun is even better. It looks a little like hard water deposits though too?

That’s what I thought but it kept popping back up

When ive had leaves curl that much the culprits appeared to be aphids.

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Does anyone recognize this frass? I didnt protect from rust early enough which is clear in the photo but im also seeing some frass and pin holes. Coddling moth seems a likely suspect but the frass and size of the holes dont seem to fit.

Rosy apple aphids are easy to find because of the ant activity. The aphids quickly desiccate the leaves and turn it brown. Green aphids also do similar but don’t seem to roll the leaves as much.

Sometimes leaf roller caterpillars can produce similar rolled leaves, but there’s silky residue.

I’ve also seen spiders somehow hide behind such rolled leaves, so maybe spiders might be a culprit as well. Or maybe they just reuse the habitat made by leafrollers.

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I’m finding these on a lot of trees and sitting on some fruit. I expect it has been identified many times before in this long thread, but I don’t know it by sight.

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Does anyone recognize these small clumps of yellow eggs on the bottom of my goumi leaves?

Resembles assassin bug

I would be thrilled! Unfortunately after more looking around I believe it is a clouded plant bug nymph. Just another sap sucker… oh well, it doesn’t seem that they specifically target fruit so I’ll hope that my good bugs reproduce enough to keep them under control.

For the last 4 years I’ve had a lot of four lined plant bugs showing up and doing early damage on softer leaved plants like peppers, tomatoes, zinnia, etc. Fortunately they seem to eventually go away and the plants recover, although they can be set back a bit. Maybe these guys will do the same.

They might be Ladybird/Ladybug beetle eggs.


That would make sense! The bush did have bad aphids earlier in spring (but something ate them all). The leaves were on a branch I had pruned off, so I carefully put them under the bush again just in case they are indeed ladybug eggs.


I think you’re right. They look so similar, but assassin bug looks to have a smaller and longer (more gracile) head. Other pictures of clouded plant bug show the two toned antennae and matches your picture.

That looks like the one @zendog found,on a recent post and identified as a Clouded Plant Bug nymph.

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Anyone know what kind of crane fly this is? It appears to have emerged from the wood chips and leaf litter under my avocado trees in the greenhouse, and I don’t think it’s any kind of pest (other than maybe to turf grass, and I’m ok with that):

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It’s fin rot, isn’t it? Tell me it’s not fin rot!

(Futurama fans will know)

Anyways, is this a canker forming on the trunk my new Midpride peach? It oozed gum for a couple days but stopped and now it looks like this.

Looks like monillia. More likely if that protrusion was a bud.

Interesting thanks Brady. Wonder how common those are on the West Coast. Supposedly a pest insect. Either way I went out and swatted with a fly swatter never found the corpse.

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