Insect and Disease Identification Thread

Captan can leave ‘catfacing’ on plums. Scaring.

Found on goumi today:

Thanks. It did leave white dots on the leaves of the trees that I did spray. I haven’t sprayed the aforementioned fruit yet.

Hmmmm. Scarred, ripe fruit I get to eat as opposed to infected fruit that doesn’t finish is probably preferable.

Ptosima undecimmaculata

A type of jewel beetle. They are borers of woody Rosaceae family plants.
“Larvae are known to develop in trunks and thick branches of Ceratonia siliqua, Crataegus oxyacantha, Malus domesticus, Prunus armeniaca, Prunus avium, Prunus domestica, Prunus dulcis, Prunus mahaleb, Prunus persica, Prunus spinosa, Prunus vulgaris and Pyrus communis.”


I’m strictly apples, so I’m not the one to know. Here’s an old thread on the topic:

I defer to the previous posters in this thread:

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Apple, in the middle of a branch which has healthy looking leaves and a few fruit past this point. Thoughts or suggestions?


Note that the Jewel beetle pictured above is a European/African species and will not be seen in the U.S. Member Tana is in Europe.


I’m guessing these are winged aphids right?

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We got Emerald Ash Borer though.


Those are dreadful little creatures. We have them too. Lots of ash trees dead.


just showed up here from Canada 4 years ago and the devastation around the st. john river already is shocking. id say about 40% of the trees in wet areas around water bodies are ash. 50 yrs ago this same ecosystem lost all the elms from dutch elm disease. boxelder filled in that niche. i guess they will now have to fill in for the ash as well.

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EJh: winged aphids, yes.

^aphid basics

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Can you do a later spray of fungicide, bt, or spinosad with a sticker over it, or will that cause an issue?

Do you mean you spray Surround first, wait a few days and spray pesticide with sticker on top of Surround?

I can guess that it would do the same thing. Sticker would cover Surround reducing its ability to flake.

I have mix BT, Spinosad with Surround before. When I did that, I skip sticker.

I have a new mystery which is pear fruitlets with squiggly lines.

I agreed with the PC diagnosis for the round hole on pear fruitlet and sprayed the trees. I was trying to wait till the apples were done blooming but it was not to be.

I now see that on pears Pc seems to make a round hole more than the crescent shape I see on stone fruit.

I cut some open to see if I could ID anything but could not.

Still no idea about the weird holes and spots (in the linked previous post) The two trees that looked like that have dropped all their fruitlets now.

So I found this on a Mayers Lemon tree on the top branch moving kind of slowly walking around. Is this a good guy?

Looks like a grasshopper which eats vegetation.


That’s what I first thought because the legs and body but the head kind of resembled an assassin bug. Someone once said crickets eat a lot of other bugs also besides vegetation also. Well, better be safe than sorry off with his head. Thanks!

Is this powdery mildew on these black Currant leaves? It’s only been inside in a pot. It shouldn’t be getting mildew since it’s inside with good air flow should it? Or does it naturally get this type of residue on the leaves? First time growing a black Currant.

I have not grown currant but it does look like powdery mildew. Does it come off when you wipe it with a cloth?

I have recently had a solidago (landscape plant) I started inside get mildew for no reason I could discern. When I moved it outside into full sun it resolved completely. I did wipe off the leaves that looked mildewy but I honestly didn’t try very hard. I would put it outside if you can.

I did harden mine off to sun over about 5 days, I did not just stick it directly in full sun (just in case someone reading this doesn’t know to do that)!

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