Interspecies Asimina (pawpaw) crosses

The World Was My Garden, David Fairchild 1938


I never cease to be amazed by the breadth of D. Fairchild’s research of plants.

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An amazing fellow. Would love to have met Frans Meijer.
I hope to visit the Kampong someday.


Check out W.T. Swingle.


I spoke with Richard Campbell 2 weeks ago,
If David Fairchild did any work with Asimina Triloba aka PawPaw he has no idea where the trees are.
The Fairchild pawpaw offspring of 1916 winner as well as any pawpaw crosses or interspecific hybrids are not nor ever have been at Fairchild in Florida.
I’m going to by attempting to adapt Asimina Triloba to the Sonoran Desert via wild yeast symbiosis & breeding. Plus interspecific hybridize any success with other annona species.

D. Fairchild’s work with Asimina and the fate of the plants is well-documented.

In my experience, the scouring of published research is more fruitful than sole reliance on gossip.

Dr Richard Campbell was in charge of Fairchild for several decades.
Why is his statement “GOSSIP” ?

Other than page (450 & 451) of R. Neal Peterson’s book please provide links & information as to what happened with Fairchild pawpaw & interspecifics if so well documented.
When I spoke with Neal he said that anything of any value at Zimmerman place died prior to widow giving permission for the place to be viewed & salvaged.
And no records linking gifts & purchases at Blandy Experimental Farm to specific trees.
Neal stated that anything of value was most likely grafted & was was received was seedlings & suckers.
My point in contacting Richard Campbell is because David Fairchild would not have put all his eggs in one basket.
If you have any information beyond this?
Then please provide location of Fairchild, thanks.

Scouring google searches is very different than scouring publications, as described here.

I will look at your links to see if they have any information beyond my conversations with Neal Peterson over pages (450 & 451) of his book.
In my opinion while maybe documented as best as possible, for the given situation at (Blandy & Zimmerman) it is not well documented.
Creates far more questions than they answer.
No information on John W Hershey property, nor unnamed Fairchild seedlings nor Fairchild hybrids in Peterson’s research or our personal conversations.
Nothing of value of Zimmerman at Blandy other than (Sweet Alice & Middletown).
No Fairchild, no Fairchild 2, no hybrids of any value.
Before I speed a week reading, can you at least tell me if there is anything of value or if I’m waisting my time?
I suppose my conversations with Neal Peterson are also “GOSSIP” ???

I was referring to the method, not the links.

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LOL, I understand the method of hand pollination, bag sealing blossoms, stimulating yeast symbiosis, Colchicine & a few additional things.
I have DNA marker charts & genetic association & separation information from KSU & few other places.
I’m searching for lost varietals of Ketter, Fairchild, Fairchild 2, Fairchild seedlings & hybrids.

Again, I was referring to the research method, not the links or articles they point to.

You mean the method of being on the page for scientific information?
I do that all the time.
I usually have 30 to 100 windows open of such & use the HTML search web page function to my key words in the scientific research articles.
Read a few paragraphs & vet the information against other sources.
Part of why the word GOSSIP triggered me.
Again do you have any information as to actual locations of Fairchild, Fairchild 2 & hybrids???

Like I originally said:
Spent a week doing GOOGLE SEARCH.
then contacted Neal Peterson & Dr Richard Campbell directly.
No information of consequence to report.

No, I’m not referring to that. Look at the steps I outlined and you’ll see it’s quite different.

The previously published genomic relations of Pawpaw cultivars are invalid.

R. Frost. 2022. “Coupled analysis of Pawpaw (Asimina triloba) genetic markers and ancestry records.” International Journal on Computational Science & Applications 12:3 pp.1-8.

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I have bookmarked
There is definitely more scientific articles here thanks!,5&hl=en


Yes. When the publisher releases the URL I’ll start a thread about it.

Here’s the relevant publications I found in step 1, looking forward in time from G. Zimmerman’s 1941 paper.

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