Introducing myself to Scott's forum


In 2018 I bought the land. I haven’t used any chemicals in 11 years. I’m trying to cultivate products with completely natural methods. I only use burnt sheep manure as a fertilizer. Poison or medicated fight in my garden never happened. I’m not intervening in the nature.
By the way, I’m waiting for my country and I want to come to my garden. There’s the airport where I live.


From the other pictures in the other Thread it looks like you are doing very well with it. Nice work Sir!


Welcome and thank you for sharing!


Hello I’m Sam from southeast Georgia. I have a small hobby farm where I’ve raised lots of animals and in the last year or two I have really gotten into growing fruit. I’m currently growing plums, pears, figs, satsuma oranges, apples, blackberries, goji berries, pomegranates, pineapple guava, mulberries and persimmons. I’ve learned a lot from this forum already.




Has it been abnormally dry down there?


No, we’ve had plenty of rain lately.


Good to hear


Welcome, Sam!
‘Animals’ are not allowed on this forum. (We DO try to remain as humanly civil as possible.) But can’t resist - What non-human animals do you raise?


I love all of your photos! Especially that ‘black’ pomegranate! And it looks even lovlier with those lilac-colored blossoms in the background.


Welcome to this forum. The info is amazing . . . And just nice to have conversation with other people whose eyes do not glaze over when you want to talk about your plants! :smirk:


Thank you very much for your kind words! :smiley:


I raise broiler chickens for meat, pekin ducks for meat and eggs, blue laced red Wyandotte chickens for eggs and breeding, ayam cemani chickens, hogs, peafowl, broad breasted turkeys for meat, bantam chickens, a few barn cats and 6 dogs.


Welcome! There’s always a couple of OT threads about raising farm animals or what our dogs have been up to…


Thank you so much for enjoying my garden.
I have so many fruits and vegetables in my garden. We started planting seedlings and planting tree saplings. Business intensified. It’s raining, we can’t go to the garden. I’il draw our work. Respects


Hi everyone, this is Udhay from San Jose. I was bitten by the gardening bug last summer and worked hard to convert out weed-ridden front and backyards to grow some fruit trees. At first, planted some random varieties from local nurseries in the area and gradually learnt more about the process. Became an avid reader of CRFG, gardening discussions in Houzz and other places and followed a couple of very knowledgable contributors (@hoosierquilt, @bleedingdirt, etc) to this forum. Quite a wealth of knowledge here and I am sure I’ll be bothering everyone with my newbie questions soon!


Welcome Udhay!


Welcome Udhay.

No bothering at all. We all were newbies at one time. Ask away. In addition to @hoosierquilt (still miss her very much) and @bleedingdirt, we have several other experienced growers from CA. @Richard and @Stan, @castanea came to mind.


Thanks, have been reading all of their posts/replies for the last week or so


Welcome Udhay. Lots of good people here willing to help.