LSU Cherry Bomb Fig

Some one sold BB10 figs cuttings that DID NOT come from me…or from the Mother tree. Don’t blame me if you got scammed!

The Fig Doctor

The cuttings I got can be traced to the cuttings you sold on eBay.
It may be a very good performer in your area but it isn’t anything special on the west coast.


If they came from me….they are legit. If they came from anyone else…they are not.

The current owner of that Persian fig tree decided to let it grow again after he had cut it down. He took interest in that tree after i told him how unusual it was. I had found the guy who brought into the US and planted it during the Jimmy Carter years……and I know its Provance . And i ate handfuls of hanging dead fipe figs from off that large tree. I know what it tasted like…it was awesome. Brian sold some other fig as being a BB10. He flat out lied when he said he got it from me.

I visited the tree several weeks ago and i will write another thread about it to my Facebook group. You will see i have another thread going where i revisted another of my research study figs. I have not written much about the find either. But its’s time to bring it forth…

You guys have no figgin idea how much i know about figs. Like i said, I am an EXPERT on fig culture. Go read my latest writings on my Facebook fig group and you will learn things about fig culture that is not found anywhere else on the Internet.

I was never in it for the money. I am the person who made the fig world aware of the great tasting Smith fig. I could have sold thousands of Smith fig trees. But i did not. Rather I GAVE FREE Smith fig trees to several nurseries so that they had a mother Smith tree to propagate for their customers. I literally saved Smith from extinction. Few people know this.

Not in it for the money……That is until i saw someone selling BB10 cuttings on eBay….lying to profit off my work and writings. Really pissed me off…

The Fig Doctor

Dude. I can back all my chit up. Go check my Facebook Fig Group….where I provide 100% PROOF….in real time. No one does it to my standards…no one! There you will learn…how I will remove all doubts. Don’t be late to the Party.

Search for “The Fig Doctor” on Facebook and go read what i have to say about this fig.

The Fig Doctor

Ok if anyone who has a Facebook account is willing to find all the available information on LSU cherry bomb I would be grateful.

I am not able to access the group without an account and am not about to make one

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Glad to see there are still a few like you out there. You couldn’t pay enough money to go on Fakebook.

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There are a lot of folks here without Facebook though.


Below is his post from facebook. Posted 10 hours ago.

Here’s another fruing characteristic of the LSU Cherry Bomb fig. I am trying to visually document it……for proof.

The LSU cherry Bomb fig will improve in both flavor and sweetness if you let it sit out overnight on the counter. Many people will tell you that figs cannot further ripen once you pick them. That is provable nonsense….with SOME fig varieties. I’ll not get into why that is……until a future post.

So what does this fruiting characteristic mean? And why is it important to people who grow figs?

Well the LSU Cherry Bomb fig ripens very “quickly”on the tree once it start swelling. That is an important fig fruiting characteristic. That few people understand. And why it matters. As a serious fig Researcher….I studied this trait in the varieties that i tested……literally hundreds of varieties over many years.

Who else do you know does this?

An “Early ripening” fig has to do with how early in the growing season the figs begin to ripen. A “Fast ripening” fig has to do with how quickly a fig will ripen on the tree once it begins to show color.

This means i can pick my figs BEFORE the birds and squirrels can find them. And not lose too much in quality. They continue to ripen after i pick them.

This also has major significance and consequences if you want to have a u-pick-it fruit orchard type business. This LSU Cherry Bomb fig is PERFECT fot that type of operation.

Also this is a “Dessert Quality” type fig that happens to travel well. I have not yet begun to describe its flavor profile…that’s for a future post. LSU Cherry Bomb figs can be shipped to fresh markets.

Cooking chefs WILL BUY these fresh figs to use in their seasonal dishes. Its easy to make these look prettier than those pictured…should you desire to get into those type sales.

So I’ve already PROVEN to you in other posts that this is variety is “Very Early Ripening” in the season…which is so important for you Northern growers. I even told you how to know when it will ripen in YOUR yard.

Now you know how “Fast Ripening” it is….

Stay tuned ….I will have a lot more to say about this truly remarkable LSU Cherry Bomb fig. As I document its entire 2024 growing season. You will see PROOF of my claims. Fig collectors will not do that. Ony fig Researchers can.

You have not seen anything yet!!! The best is yet to come. I could tell you right now ……but l’d rather PROVE it to you. :man_shrugging:

NOTE: cuttings from THIS TREE will be available in the fall. Fig collectors don’t have this one. And they cannot say I don’t know what I’m talking about. YOU will know better…having seen the proof. :rofl:

The Fig Doctor

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2 days ago posted on Facebook.

Looky looky looky……what i just found on one of my research fig trees. i was gone for a few days and the birds and squirrels ate half my figs during my absence. :man_shrugging:……really can’t blame them. And of course i ate a few hanging dead ripe figs while picking these.

Note the ripening date. I’m in zone 9a Cajun Country, South Louisiana. Yes, i’m a full blooded Cajun. Remember my old fig Blog…… called “Dan’s Cajun Figs”? That was me Sha!

These “majn crop” figs will ripen a month before a regular Celeste will ripen IN YOUR CLIMATE. In other words….very early. And that has major significance and meaning for you “Northern” fig growers who have a short growing season.

But wait…it gets even better for you “Southern” fig growers who have a longer growing season.

Pay attention to this….NO ONE else will tell you this type of fig tree growing and fruiting characteristics in real time with this type of documented proof.

Very few people ….will show you piles of figs in a picture.

That’s because their tree is small and they haven’t studied it at all. They post a picture of “one” single fig then proceed to tell you how good it is. They will tell you it taste like “watermelon”. Like that is some new flavor development. That’s total Bullshit and is currently practiced by many fig collectors.

They are only in it for the money. Don’t let them scam you.

But i definitely know the intrinsic VALUE of this new fig. And i will not just give it away like i did in the past. I made no money on my many fig discoveries in the past (with the exception of BB10). Most people that i GAVE cuttings and fig trees to….don’t even remember where they got it from.

My mindset over my fig research years has changed.

I fully intend to make money from this finding. …a “once lost” LSU bred fig has been found through my efforts. And yes, There are other LSU “sibling” figs that i have not yet written much about. They are still under study….in silence.

Buy one these figs trees or cuttings from me (in the fall) ……and you already know EXACTLY how it will perform in YOUR area. And yes it is cold tolerant….just like its Celeste mother fig.

Stay tuned……you guys haven’t seen anything yet about this truly remarkable LSU bred hybrid fig!! Especially you “Southerners”. Do i have some good news for you guys !

I studied this particular one in complete silence for the last decade and know how well it performs.

That is what a fig “Researcher” does. I am not a fig “collector”……trying to sell you different types of figs as a business. I sent many many figs that don’t perform to my expectations……to fig heaven. I only have room to study the best. And i have found these Best for my area.

However, It is now time to introduce this one to the entire fig world. It will become more popular than Smith.

FYI……Years ago i “personally” made the fig world aware of Smith’s great taste. And i gave “free Smith fig trees” to small Nurseries so they had a source of cuttings….to propagate and sell Smith trees to the general public. Smith almost went extinct…until I personally decided to step in. Few people know this.

From my earlier postings you already know how early this new hybrid fig will ripen its “breba figs” IN YOUR CLIMATE. IMO, It may even rival Desert King…not enough data yet to make that claim. Think about that.

Watch for continuous updates for the entire 2024 growing season for this fig. Who else does this?

You will ALL LEARN (with documented PROOF) just how remarkable this fig really is. IMO, It is the crowning achievement of Dr. O’Rourke from his fig breeding program during the 1950’s. He reached all of his fig research goals with this one!

Just know……You guys have not seen anything yet!!

Be sure to follow this post for my future updates as we go through the entire 2024 growing season.

The Fig Doctor

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Big claims. I hope it’s all true. I’ll let someone else spend the time and money independently verifying the claims.

If it lives up to the hype, maybe I’ll get one in five or ten years.


Interesting the interior fig on the first post doesn’t even look that good :man_shrugging: I can see why it wasn’t released by LSU if it was from the program. I find better looking figs all the time here and I wouldn’t try and hype unless real special with so many solid varieties available.

Here’s a good one bred and released by Mother Nature in 2023. When these tasties are picked right they’re absolutely amazing berry pastry deliciousness. I shared as many as I could afford to get it out there. Also to see if it’s common.

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Now that’s a West Coast only fig if I ever saw one.

Big, round, even flattened, lateral cracks, and a partially open eye, sounds like split city for us. I’m sure it tastes great, it certainly looks great, but I’d be shocked if it was worth growing out here, sad to say.

In defence of Cajun Dan, even if those figs end up tasting mid tier, if they’re actually as early as he says under non 9a conditions, it might be worthwhile as an early season fig. Early figs don’t have to be the best, after all.


This thread read a bit like an infomercial. Until i get a greenhouse im done with figs, so i don’t know much besides they taste good enough for me to have gone through the hoops of growing them in the north. I was not aware that figs were hybrid, all common figs i think of are Ficus carica (think that is the right name?). Are there more cold hardy spices? Got to admit, most figs seem to me to have been brought from their homeland, didn’t consider that they could be bred, with thier wierd flowers. Very cool… how do you collect and polinate a fig?


Yeah I saw first hand last year that she’s a real splitter in the rain. I sent a few back east and to the South just to see but have doubts the fig will fare well there.

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It’s extremely rare for a fig to be good on both coasts, let alone great. So long as it’s great on one I’d be happy.