Matt Is Back From the Brink of Disaster


Matt, glad things are starting to turn around for you! Best of luck going forward!


Great to have you back on the forum Matt! I have noticed your disappearance for a while and was wondering if things were ok with you. Wish you the best…


I’m glad things are looking up. Persistence pays off, and staying persistently positive can only help get you back on the right side of life.

Glad you were able to keep your property, and look forward to another year! :smile:


I am glad that you are back Matt.


Could happen to any of us, glad things are looking up


Hey Matt
I have also been thinking about you a lot and missing you here. I figured you must have been having some sort of struggles. I can relate with work politics issues. It seems as folks are getting squeezed more for less. I’m glad to hear you are doing better and have returned. I gotta ask: did you get to try any Bakers Delicious?


Joe, the old truthful quote holds here pertaining to your point “Power corrupts, And Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely” (Lord Acton).

Absolute power always corrupts. (And one wonders why those who want a ‘borderless’ world think such a absolute power wouldn’t end up being a nightmare…is beyond me)


Thanks Carole.

No BD yet. It hasn’t set fruit yet.


Glad to hear that things are looking up for you Matt!


Sorry to hear it’s been such a tough year, glad to hear things are improving!


Welcome back Matt. I am glad things are better. We missed you buddy!!!


Life is full of trials. Glad you weathered this one, Matt.
I know it is a relief to be away from the brink.


Really glad to hear you’re doing better and I hope we see more of you around here. When people go quiet like you did, I always wonder if they got burned out but didn’t much think that would have happened to you, so I feared it was some personal life issues. Glad you overcame them and I hope to see you around more often now.


Welcome back Matt. Reminds me of the Jerry Butler song,
“Only the strong survive.”


I wanted to add my voice that I am happy you are making a come back! I always valued your input on this forum and found your advice very informative. Hang in there buddy, things will turn out okay.


Good to see you back and look forward to updates on the mountain property, good to know it is still in good hands


Welcome back! Sounds like you hit a patch of rough road but you made it through…


Tough year even for the full-time growers around here:


Welcome back Matt! I was worried when you hadn’t posted in so long.

Glad you at least got a few figs and berries. That SBT looked pretty tasty. Seems like you can always rely on figs, friends and family, and fellow fruit growers. We’ve missed you.


Happy to hear you have clawed your way out from a dark place Matt. Here’s to a brighter 2019.