Mature viewers only -- explicit Jujube videos/photos


Was tempted to buy it on a whim, but managed to slap myself out of it as had serious doubts it would be any different.

I shop there all the time so i might just yield to the curiosity lol


v. glitzy graft sprung a sturdy upright in just two wks. Not just the most vigorous on its own roots(as a young seedling) but also the most vigorous as a scion. Looking forward to some fruit later this year.


this photo does more justice to the sweetheart sweet tart than the previous one. Now bearing some flower buds. So looking forward to some fruits!


Nice!! Mine has a few flower buds too.

I don’t have pollinators this year. A few mason bees and some wasps and another bee/fly looking thing. No houseflies. No lady bugs. No butterflies. Very cool spring. Very early bloom. Wind from hell. (Well, maybe not hell because the wind is not actually very hot…but you’d think I lived in the Texas panhandle because it’s that kind of wind!). Sure don’t know where all the bugs are and it makes me worry about fruit production. But if jujubes are pollinated by wind then all y’all should be receiving some of my pollen…


The pollen my friend, is blowing in the wind…
The pollen is blowing in the wind…


I have a last years graft of Sherwood. It was just a little bark graft that was a regraft of one scion that didn’t take. It has grown really well and has numerous long fruiting stems. To get to the point… this is a picture of one of the bloom clusters.

So… I know blooms don’t equal fruit and I know the Sherwood is stingy with fruit. So my question is this: is this typical of the bloom clusters and fruit is just not produced or does it drop fruit or what? Was just surprised to see so many blooms here. All the fruiting stems are like this.


Update on my SweetTart sucker.

It actually has its own little root sucker…


sherwood does the same exact thing here, producing lots of blooms but relatively few fruits. That the flowers have formed complex clusters indicate that the wood is quite seasoned, which means you are likely to have more fruits with this fruiting stem compared to a stem of same thickness and length but only has one or two blossoms per node.


it is looking good, and i see some flowers too :slight_smile:


You sent the wood… btw. Thanks! :blush:

I did get a fruit off it last year too…


It is very vigorous and suckers profusely


After looking at the no root situation last summer I can believe it is very vigorous. I didn’t think it would live.


My Sherwoods have lots of flowers and few fruit. But there’s a guy in Farmersville Tx, 30 miles from me, who has 300 Sherwoods he planted in the mid 80’s; his trees are always loaded. So maybe if wait my trees will get better.


when i grow up-- i want to be just like him!


I want to know what he does with all that fruit…


When he planted them he wanted to sell powder and extracts as heath supplements, but found various regulations too daunting. Now it’s a pick your own orchard and he donates the money to his church


not a “precocious” seedling, but a long fruiting stem from an old root sucker. If it does not produce an upright stem this year, this fruiting stem will be shed by winter, which means there will be no above-ground proof of its whereabouts


Or you could save it for me till next spring along with a Vegas Candy scions! :wink: They ware awesome tasty!


v. candy does taste uniquely different from other jujus when dried. If only they were much bigger than raisins!

the silver lining is that they taste much better than raisins


They ware so good! Thanks again, those ware my first jujubes that I ever tasted.