Mature viewers only -- explicit Jujube videos/photos


glad you liked them, and pls update us regularly re: jujus you’ve been growing :slight_smile:


Would do! I went ahead and bought two trees Sugar Cane and Li. Can’t wait to have some fresh fruit from those two.


my sister has a house in virginia but grew her trees in shaded conditions so not doing well. Worse is that she is not living there currently, so trees may be alive, but i presume not bearing fruits.

i hope(if not strongly advise) that you plant your jujus in the sunniest sections of your property


Thanks for the advice! Currently I put them on pots on a sunny spot for the time being.
Most likely end up planting them in the ground!


juju will laterals get thicker with time,but will also grow shorter as the trunk(upright stem) engulfs them at the base going outward. Shown below(encircled and with an arrow)is a lateral’s contiguous bark being spread out like a banana peel by the thickening trunk.
thus said, if no upright stem grows from a lateral, the lateral will either regress and die, or simply be eaten alive by the outwardly expanding trunk. Some fruiting stems of these ~7 yr-old laterals continue to bear flowers and fruits, as encircled below


Do you head off the top yearly to promote latetal growth and thicken the trunk?


sihong stems are loaded with botox. Refusing to get wrinkly even as an old graft


i never had to do that here @tonyOmahaz5. Jujus here don’t grow too tall.


Some of mine are at 15 feet tall. I am planning to top them off at ten feet.


They look strange with the skinny laterals out of the large trunk. Other trees’s lateral limbs increase in diameter along with the trunk.


oh yeah, many of our trees do reach 15 feet, which i wish would be more to provide us more shade during our oppressive summers.


Thanks for pointing that out. It is quite odd. The way jujube trees grow are unusual.


Thank you for explaining this that is very unique! So to get more fruit off laterals should we let them grow uprights as early as possible to beef up production throughout the plant?


Generally, yes, especially if your tree is not getting as much sun due to nearby taller trees or taller structures. Your juju will be more productive once it is taller than other trees or structures. But if you are growing your juju out in an open field where tree height is not needed to get more sun, you could keep your trees at a height of 6 to 10 feet and just let the laterals do all the leafing out. Laterals will live longer when getting full sun, and if the apical buds(of uprights/leaders) are removed


Im aiming for a ten foot or so nice 6-8’ wide cylindrical tree, its in my year round full sun spot and so far has grown pretty slow but i have not given it much irrigation or fertilization, I am going to feed it and give it more water this year and try to beef it up but still shut it down by october or so. I have one in between some apples and will try to keep it around 8’ or so and similar sized to them. They seem to grow pretty contorted and unique on there own and i would like to keep encouraging that.


feel free to post any updates here @RichardRoundTree :slight_smile:


What about to keep a juju on pots? Thanks


I have seen some videos on youtube about poted jujus, but that was long time ago. And think that Tony have poted jujus, but im not sure. I read a bunch of stuff so i forgot a lot already.


@castanea grew a lot of his in pots when he lived in Ca.


Thanks Katy!