Mature viewers only -- explicit Jujube videos/photos


Darn it.


Hope you’re WD survives! Mine looked a bit worn but I put it in the ground after a few days in the shade and it’s producing a bit of new growth. Maybe yours will be as vigorous.


Those look like good sized trees. Hope your WD will wake up after a siesta.


Thanks, Tony. I think I have a lot of seedlings in the yard. Gotta make sure they are indeed mulberry seedlings.


good luck and keep us posted!


Well, you guys have done it. Between this thread and the huge one Mua started on jujubes, I was forced to buy jujube seeds off of Ebay so I could start growing some rootstocks. Here’s a question I haven’t seen answered in either thread: can a person prune the thorns off when dormant pruning? I realize that’s not feasible for large mature trees, but if I’ve only got a dozen young trees I might try it.


safer to snip off the thorns once the thorns have hardened(turned red/brown). Thorns usually start green and succulent and cutting them while green may cause problems, being open wounds. Jujus generally get less thorny with age and height. The higher the branches are borne, the less spines. Tiny suckers/seedlings are often spiny-- maybe nature’s way of defending against would-be grazers.

btw, i hope the seedlings from ebay were chinese jujubes(Ziziphus jujuba), as there are many species of jujube seeds being sold online. There’s probably no ill will with the business. It is just that juju seed importation involve multi-sources/subcontractors who are merely clueless, so mistakes occur all the time. If you are handy with uploading photos, pls feel free to post as many photos on this thread so we can do a positive identification. Any species other than jujuba would set you back ~2 years of waiting, and that would be so demoralizing!

keep us posted!


As @jujubemulberry said it is difficult to get the correct seeds off the internet. I’ve even bought from reputable sources and been sent seeds for Indian Jujube which are a tropical plant. The seeds look very similar. If you find a source selling the correct seeds many will want to use them!!!

The more I learn of jujube trees the more they amaze me. The seedlings are quite sticklers and I have yelped in handling them but they do get easier to deal with as they get older.


Here is a link to some jujube seeds from the same seller:

I bought the last listing of 25 seeds. The link is for 50 seeds. The seller has been on Ebay for 10 years with no negative or neutral reviews, so that’s reassuring. When I asked her where she sourced her seed from she said that she got her seed directly from China and was selling the extra that she wasn’t using. I’ll try to post pics tonight so you and @jujubemulberry can tell me of there are any obvious red flags.


The site looks good. Hopefully you get the real deal. I noticed at the bottom of the page it gave instructions for planting and talked about scarifying and stratifying. I have never had to stratify juju seeds. I have eaten the fruit and planted the seed with excellent germination rate. Just FYI. Do you have any seedlings up yet?


This is a picture of my jujube seeds I received. Tonight I planted 2 seeds per bucket in seven buckets in my seedling row, so no seedlings yet. After they get some true leaves I’ll try to post a picture to see if they are consistent with everyone else’s jujube seedlings.


ok, will wait for the seedling photos. Jujube seeds of different species kind of look alike. Seedlings are a bit easier to tell apart with some degree of certainty


@Ahouse422 I had seeds of ziziphus jujuba from china. I tried twice with them and nothing. I bought them from aliexpress (that time it was my only option), some was named giant hetian and big ass chicken egg. But all was in pits, after cracking I saw that all were empty.
Hopefully you will have success, those do not come from china. Although that link from ebay looks almost identical like on aliexpress.


Actually I still have info about my orders. Here are screenshots.

And seedlings of spinosa from this year


The hard part of buying jujube seeds off the internet is that you are often sold mauritiana (Indian Jujube) that is not cold tolerant at all. The seeds look identical. The plants in your top picture could very well be mauritiana instead of Spinoza. I was sent some of these seeds and I grew them and they grow fast and strong and they all died in the winter here. They leaves on them are a little fuzzy looking and broad and the thorns are even more harsh than Spinoza thorns. When the seedlings first come up the mauritiana seedlings have cotyledons that have petioles (or stems) that attach to the stalk where Spinoza seedlings do not. Here are my pictures to help you see the difference.

Mauritiana seedling

Spinoza seedling

I learned this after having purchased seed that was supposed to be Spinoza. I am not sure why the Indian Jujube is so often sold for the Chinese Jujube.

That being said it is very difficult to tell the plants apart from a picture. Also there are a lot more jujube varieties than just Spinoza and Mauritiana
We are still learning about these plants.


i am intrigued too. I don’t see any benefits to the seller to wittingly hawk impostor jujuba seeds. And it is not like spinosa-type jujus are skimpy bearers either. Heck even the small-fruited contorted’s bear lots of fruits with viable seeds. Same with desirable domesticated cultivars as hj and sc, and even larger-fruited ones as sihong.

that said, feel like i wannabe a micro-santa claus in july :grin:
if you’re a member here who haven’t received anything from us in the past-- the first 3 of you to post here your interest in jujuba seeds will get a fistful mix of sihong, hj, and sc pits for free, including postage

and it don’t matter where you are on this planet, just make sure there will be no quarantine issues for your country(and no violation on our part).


@jujubemulberry I would love to at least cover postage to get some jujube pits from you. I’ll try to private message you.


These at least came pre-hulled, so at least there’s no surprise empty pits. I’ll probably hedge my bets and buy an own-root Honey Jar while I play around with grafting seedlings.


don’t worry about it. As long as you get some true jujuba seedlings up and running, we’d be happy! Pm us your address and will mail them by oct.


only one of the three root cuttings suckered(pls refer to my earlier post)

it does not present with any contortions yet, so a bit worried. Of course quite possible the kinky trait will be more expressed on longer stems, so have to wait until then.