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I can’t remember If I ever posted on this thread.
Here I am at the Grand Canyon at the end of November 2017


Proud Papa with daughter earning straight A’s in her junior year at UC Davis :heart:




Beautiful smiles!!


Congrats to her on the fantastic grades!! Good luck to her in the future as well. Proud Papa too.


Our family newest picture.


Your kids are very serious people! :grin:


Nice family


Beautiful family Vincent!



Wow, Tony! What a coincidence! I left VN in 1979,too! I have not been back since!!! Our oldest son is currently a sophomore in high school. We are thinking of returning to our old haunt in 2020! I’m not set on 2020 yet, as we still have to pay for colleges. We have 3 boys, but my hubby has planned on 2020 as the year to go. I came from Hue, so yes…lots of memories, but nervous at the same time…planning on visiting the whole country.


Yes We are looking forward to visit the home land. Ha Long Bay is one of our top destination. One of the greatest wonder in this world.



Tony, beautiful place!


Nice picture, Vincent. Excuse my ignorance, but was that pic taken in Vietnam? You didn’t mention it, but I wonder where there would be an area of so many flowers. They look like tulips? When I see so many tulips, I think of the Netherlands.


Must be Skagit Valley in Washington.


Standing between you and your wife are future fruit growing gardeners? Beautiful family.


@rsivulka Hey Rob, this photo is from more than a year ago so you probably won’t remember, but I’m very curious what you were doing there. You said you were grafting but you appear to be holding a brush and, even more curious, a container of Bonide fruit tree spray. But the tree isn’t leafed out yet. Or maybe that is bonide copper you were painting on with a brush? Of course it really doesn’t matter, I was just very curious is all! On second look you are probably holding a piece of scion wood or a limb you are about to graph, but I’m still stumped on what you are doing with the Bonide liquid? Nice pics, btw.


I’m at the bottom of Wilt Stop and brushing it on.


Yes it is. Have you ever stop by there yet?


Thank you. Hopefully they are. Now just playing games too much.


Thank you Tony.