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It’s Farmers Markets time here in the U.P. and we participate by playing music at a small (but really nice!) nearby Market located on Lake Michigan. They like to use this photo of us taken a few years ago in July to remind folks what the weather can be like. We only live 15 mi away but it’s often 10 deg colder in town than inland where we live. Two weeks ago it was barely warm enough to play (low 60’s) and this week it looks like we’ll be sweating it out with the very unusual heat (in the 80’s). But we enjoy it and it’s a great group of people who sell and buy at the local farmers markets. Sue (and Steve)



Finally a half way normal picture of my daughter and I. We shot our bows (archery) at our state’s summer games competition yesterday. It was a good time!


Cool, thanks for posting. Nice that your daughter likes to shoot the arrow, too. How did y’all do?


Dont know yet. A pile of different divisions/classifications plus the fact that we shot the early line and didnt stick around for the second line not sure how many shoooters there were in our actual class. We did alright though. It was our 1st indoor shoot. We are hunters and backyard shooters at heart. Always wanted to get into competitive shooting and this was our first attempt at doing so. My daughter has a ton of natural talent. She can not shoot for months (too busy with college, photography business, planning her wedding, etc…) and come CLOSE to beating her old man who shoots on a regular basis! We will likely do more of it as time allows, we enjoyed it.


You two look like twins!


Sounds like you both had a great time. Memories with your children are always so wonderful. Things to talk about years from now. " remember the time we…"


Daughter snapped these as I was explaining the treasure hunt rules to the G-kids on Christmas Eve. It has been a tradition since my kids were this age. They have to find 6 clues that lead them to their Christmas present.


They are so attentive.


Man…you make them work for it! They are too cute!


Haha. It’s educational. AND they love it and look forward to it each year.


What were the clues? What do they learn? I always loved a good scavenger hunt.


We did this with our kids when they were twenty or so with significant others , it was lots of fun


The procedure for making the treasure hunt is to first hide the present, write a clue to its location, and hide that clue, and continue for six more clues. The beginning clue is sealed and placed under the Christmas tree.
Non-readers get picture clues, that is, I take a picture of the location and use a red arrow to indicate where they should search for their clue. The clues are written on different colored paper for each child so they won’t disturb someone else’s clue. The outside clues I put in a little snack bag and sometimes a treat in the bag before I hide it. The educational part is that for the older ones if they don’t follow the steps in sequence they won’t find their next clue. And sometimes the clues incorporate garden things I have taught them. Here’s a sample.


OK. Now I have to do this with my grands. They will love the adventure. Thanks


That’s great! Thanks for showing the notes. “Do you remember where we dug up the Yacon?” Funny stuff.


I absolutely love this!!


What a neat tradition! Thanks for sharing. Oh, to be a child again where a simple treasure hunt like can be the most gratifying, fun, and exciting thing in the world! Our family (even extended family) no longer has any children and this year we all talked about how Christmas just isn’t that great without seeing the joy in the eyes and actions of Children! Way to go, Anne.


So special!


Great memories for them to remember years down the road. Nice idea.


My one and only beautiful daughter got married on New Years eve to her boyfriend of 6 years! My son on the left, my daughter and I.



Congrats! Is this the same sharpshooting archer from earlier in this thread?

I’m not a father but I can imagine the gamut of emotions y’all are going through- happy, sad, proud, worried, excited, etc.

Best wishes to the new couple.