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Yes she is. It was a great evening!


Lovely picture! People too!


You must of been a youngster when you had them.


Congratulations to her and her new husband. May they have many, many years of happiness.


What the heck, here goes nothing…

A picture we took for our son who is in the Air Force


Any of you new (or old) folks care to share some photos? Someday I need to get one of myself to put on so you don’t all picture me like those wild guesses a couple years back.


During one of the warm weather swings a month ago I got another free shipment of oak to burn. I like to keep enough on site that it can dry for a few years so this won’t be burned for a while but it’s always welcome when the tree service dumps their wood here.


Here is my little family from our summer trip. Everyone jokes how my son is my mini-me and my daughter is my husband’s. My son just turned 15 and my daughter is 13, I am lucky they both love to help me in the garden, and with cooking and preserving.


Remembering my Navy days in PR… I truly loved working on airplanes and the beautiful country of Puerto Rico. Wish I would have stayed and wish I still worked on airplanes. Oh well…


Thank you for your service! We have many photos of my dad with planes from his Navy days. Lived many places, we never got stationed overseas though.


Nice Dutch-S! I was a crew chief also but in the Air Force. It’s been a while but that looks like an F-5. Used as a chase plan by nasa, US Thunderbirds, and the AF used it as a T38 for training pilots.


My kid’s dad was in Navy before we were married. He worked on airplane on Enterprise, stationed in San Diego,went to Philippines and Japan a lot


We were a training squad. VC-8. My plane was a TA-4J … The A-4 was heavily used in Vietnam. Outs had back seats for training. Our squad towed targets for the air wings with the floating city out there in the Caribbean… It was the greatest job in the world. It wasn’t a designation back then by they made it one in the 90’s. I worked the flight line. Plane Captian was our relationship name. We were referred to as " Line pukes" on the ground… The feel of 15- 20 jets moving in and out around you is just astounding…TY all for thanking me for my service. I was just a kid but we all need to remember most of our service people are and they deserve our thanks for being willing to protect this wonderful country. Regardless of their duty. I never saw battle and was in during peace time. None the less I voluntarily served. We all do… It’s truly a beautiful thing.


That’s what a crew chief is in the AF. I worked on F-4 Phantoms. I also did depot maintenance where you take the planes apart and change time compliance parts to make them more new.


Wow. You must be a little older than me or very near my age . The F-4 was a huge airplane compared to the A-4. We got them in our squad as remote control drones. They were stress planes that they flew remote from the tower then another airplane and shot them down as enemy combat planes…


That would have been fun. I’m 55 years old. I went to fighter chief school for the F-4. I used to know that plane pretty good. I even took engines out and put them back in. I also learned the F-16 a bit, and the A-7. I enlisted in May of 84. I got out in 90.


Dutch, I lived in Humacao, teaching English at the college. I spent many a night in a restaurant in Fajardo (on the second floor) they had the best sea food. Their Sopa de Camarones was fabulous. Lived there for almost two years. Very interesting. Loved the plant life, went to the rainforest to pick wild berries and collect orchids.


Fabulous place. Went up El Yunque to see the telescope, over to Ponce and the phosperescent bay. Lived in Fajardi, Luqillo Ceiba and Aeraceba. Loved the weekend festivals in Fajardo. Got a half chicken and a plate of red beans and rice for $1.25 and drank in house made sangria…ahhhh the memories…and my son just married a lovely girl from PR…


Hey guys, and gals. For sure I love to read these tangential posts, but on these really long introduction threads, which new members are the first to read, can we keep the side posts to a minimum please?

The side posts are welcome (and enjoyable) but in the kindest request, would you please not put them on these long intro threads, which may be destined for infinity? :wink::exploding_head:

I love to see members photos, but the side chat adds a lot of posts for folks to scroll through who just want to see pics of members in these already long threads. It can be a bit daunting for new folks as this thread grows (already over 500 posts).

Please post those captivating pics of you and your family on this thread. Anyone who’s human loves to see them :+1: But for the sidebar discussions (which are sometimes interesting) let’s keep to the more disposable threads please :smile:


Zoe in the front yard. Bluebonnets. Indian Paintbrushes, and Purple Phlox.