Most fragrant fruits you have grown or know

While waiting for spring, I am thinking of all the memorable fruits I am looking forward to trying this year. These 3 fruits keep coming to mind! They were not even on my top 10 list until now, but may move up there because I miss their fragrance!

What are the most fragrant fruits you grow?

Mine are -

Red Malaysian Guava - Every time I walk past a couple of these ripe guavas left on the counter, it smells amazing! The fruit has very few seeds and is very sweet and delicious. Everyone who tries it wants more! I now have 2 of these potted up.

Snow Queen Nectarine - I removed this is 2020 to make room for the arctic series and zephyr… but I miss this one. Yet to find a white nectarine that can beat a tree ripe 20 brix snow queen. The hint of acid and that rose aroma makes them very addictive.

Evas pride peach - I removed this in 2020 to make room for other more popular peaches like the June Pride and Baby Crawford… But it was the peach fragrance of Evas Pride that made peaches my favorite fruit. Even at 13 brix the fragrance of these peaches makes up for the low brix.

Please do share your favorites!


I’d heard of the red guava but couldn’t find a source. Where did you get it? As for fragrant fruits - add Mara de Bois strawberry. Ditto on the Arctic series nects. Tropicals I wish I could grow: lychees and mangoes!


Interesting topic - fragrant fruits!
The 2 main fruits I grow, maypop and pawpaw, are very fragrant when ripe, and I love it.
Maypops smell like apricots, and pawpaws smell like …well, pawpaws :rofl:. The aroma of the latter will fill a house quite literally. It can be strong, akin to many tropical fruits like jackfruit etc.
maypops are nowhere near as strong but it’s such a nice fruity smell.


The one time I ate durian convinced me that nothing can surpass it for fragrance volume. It will quickly fill any enclosed space with it’s fragrance whether you like it or not! Powerful smell.


Pluots have very fragrant blossoms. Flavorella is the most fragrant fruit I’ve grown but nothing like the blossoms. Pluots probably even beat citrus bloom.


Surely the most powerful in the world.
I’m sure most of us are aware of true stories where buildings etc were evacuated, only to find a hidden durian instead of deadly gasses.

I love durian, so the smell, while disarming, is pleasant due to the Pavlovian association.


Black currants have very aromatic molecules in the fruits and foliage. Reminds me of aromatic herbs like rosemary, lavender, etc.


I’d say quince and pawpaws will make their presence felt in a room, if they are ripe.

For bloom, maybe the goumi.


Red Malaysian guava and Frederick passion fruits are the most fragrant of the ones I grow. Among stone fruits, it has to be Emerald Drop pluot. I got a bag of those from @fruitfruit last year and we finished them in a couple of days - intensely sweet and fragrant. Moorpark from @Stan was also fragrant and complex (I know, I borrow the best fruits from everyone here :slight_smile:)


Great thread!
I have to get a Snow Queen scion and give it a try.
The aromatic fruits that stand out for me are:
Sugar Pearls apricot: White apricots are a revelation for me.
Indian Free peach: what a wonderful fragrance.
Huckleberries: While not something I grow, we do pick them wild every year. Insanely fragrant. Can’t keep them in the refrigerator very long or everything in there tastes like huckleberries.


Very interesting! Didn’t know that about huckleberries.
The fridge phenomenon is also a big problem with jackfruit. Particularly it will infiltrate butter. Put it in airtight containers like a mason jar or you’ll be eating jackfruit with your buttered toast.


I love a good passion fruit fragrance, though like guava, it is controversial :sweat_smile:


Butter is definitely most affected.

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In the fall …Sept/Oct… I walk the tree line in the edge of my fields and harvest wild muscadine berries… fill a big bowl with them and eat them over several days… they smell up the entire kitchen in such a GOOD. way… love it.


That’s strange as my goumi flowers profusely and even putting my nose pretty much into the blooms is the only way I get any smell from them…


Wow nice! did not realize there are so many options.

@Drew51 & @TNHunter @SpokanePeach - I am going to check out black currants , huckleberries & muscadines at my local nursery, sounds very interesting! Thanks!

@fruitnut - I’ll have to keep closer watch on my pluot blossoms this year! Thanks!

@7catcmom - Call LaVerna and ask them if they ship this variety to any local store near you and you can preorder thru them… They don’t sell direct. I had mine shipped to my local Lowes. Yes I do love Mara de Bois although I don’t grow them anymore…

@californicus - your passion fruits were interesting

I have never tried pawpaws or maypops… looking forward to trying them sometime…


I have to try this Red Malaysian Guava! I used to eat guava in Egypt when I was growing up there, but it was not in my top ten fruit types; but those were yellow guavas.


My goumi(Tillamook and Sweet Scarlet) smell great as well. I meant to order two more to replace my tea olives. They’re about to kick the bucket due to this weather.

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My New Zealand lemonade is my most fragrant and the peal taste good as well as the juicy interior.