My backyard Garden

For the past two years I have been successful fighting fireblight disease on my asian pear trees. One is Hosui and the other is 20th century. See the photos below as taken on 7/1/2015. Do anybody have a problem with fireblight this year?

The photo taken in March 2015 on Hosui when it was flowering.


Those are nice looking trees, beautiful fruit, and I like the netting!!

No fire blight in 40 yrs in west Texas. But a friend here got blasted this spring on his apples. So I’ve just been lucky.

Wow, nice pics, Jimmy! Those are healthy looking trees indeed. Where are you located?

I am in Dallas, tx

Jimmy. That owl seems to like pears and is trying to get in (not so good of a joke). How well does your owl keep birds away? Bill

Actually the owl is only scare the birds for just few days after that it is no longer effective,
that is why I put the bird net over the entire tree.

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Beautiful trees and fruit. What will you make with the fruit? There are sooo many!!! Fantastic!

One more question, how come these trees are so wide and open? Asian Pears pretty much shoot up and look very columnar. I’ve been tying down my branches to get a tree that looks like yours. Did you do something similar?

I do a heavy pruning during winter time to encourage side growth - some branches need to be “trained”, in fact I accidently broke some. I cut off the top and allow it to grow no more than 12ft tall that way fruits can be harvested from the ground, plus it is easy to put bird net over it.

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When we have guests/friends coming. Everyone seems to enjoy the fruits.

As I mentioned in the other post. I have dozen of tropical fruit trees and veggies grown on my backyard. I have learned that home gardening is a stress-relief medicine, as my work is very stressful (Electrical design engineer).

Below are more photos of my backyard garden.

Sapodilla trees (Starting to flower now)

Chilli pepper plants

Sugar cane jujube

Santa rosa plum

Pea thai eggplant

Persimmon tree (5 yrs old)

Last year harvest on my persimmon tree and asian pear

Kaffir lime (Its leaves great for thai cooking)

Yard long bean plants. Photo taken 7/2/15. Should start fruiting in the next 2 weeks.

Thai hot pepper plants (7/14/2015)


Your orchard, trees and fruit are just wonderful. I bet your guests are delighted! They are beautifully taken care of. Great! And I agree, the orchard is the best medicine for stress, regardless of the weather and everything that goes with an orchard. It is a pleasant challenge.

I also see bananas and figs along the waterfall side of your pool. :smiley:

Your plants are very nicely incorporated around the relaxation/recreation part of your yard. Nicely done!

Yep, there are some banana trees at the side of the pool area, that way it can be felt like a true “tropical enviroment”.

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Wow, you have a great aesthetic for gardening. I’m sorry that your job is stressful, but aside from that, looks like you are living the good life!

Thank you, Lizzy.
I enjoy growing what I consider “hard to find fruits/veggies”, that is the reason why I have grown so many tropical plants and trees. Due to limited space, I believe there is no practical reason to grow something like apples or oranges since you can easily/cheaply obtain at a local grocery store anytime of the year. But on the other hand, Asian pear, thai chilli pepper, jujube etc. won’t be easy to get, here in the US - you would have to go to a special store to get them, still there is no guarantee.

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Big props to you Jimmy! Your trees look awesome. I am very jealous. Care to fill us in on your feeding routine?

Beautiful pics Jimmy. Your stock looks so happy and lush. I feel EXACTLY the same about banana - my musa in summer, near the pool - heavenly.

Those pictures are awesome. Beautiful backyard, and a great collection of fruit…

No pear this year (2020) for me to enjoy. None of my three asian pear trees setting fruits :frowning_face:
Not exactly sure what the problem is, but I am suspecting not enough chill hours in Dallas, TX area in this past winter ?