My mulberry and other fruits collection


Mespilus planted


Black barjacota fig planted


I see a lot of chestnuts on the ground. Do you roast or boil them?


Love them both ways, but roasted are easier to peal :slight_smile:
Love them in stews and sunday roasts also replacing the potatoes


And fake cheap nigra (its not nigra lol) planted between some brambles lol


Back to the orchard, doing some mulching around the trees and decided to move/transplant some to another places in the orchard with a bit more Light.

. Uvaia, rio grande cherry, and grumichama did really poorly last year, no growth at all and almost dead this winter, i think i choose a very humid and dark shade place in the orchard. Decided to transplant these to a more open area place, more light, lets see if they bounce back
Rio grande cherry



Then i decided to transplant 2 little morus nigras, which did poorly last year, they are in a more open area this year

Finally also transplanted 2 of my Madeira Mulberries to a more sunny place


Next mulberries on the way, one of them known in Europe as “sangue e latte”, blood and milk.
Photos from some italian collectors also. My clone will be from the same nursery.

On the left kokuso, on the right Illinois Everbearing and on the bottom “sangue e latte”
Supposingly very tasty



I do recognize the bottom one :open_mouth: Wow I haven’t seen that one in forever! It’s indeed top notch in taste, take good care of it please.


WOW! That one is amazing! Congratulations! :smiley:


Was overwintering some suriname cherry seedlings and inga vulpina. Gonna risk and plant them now in the orchard. Hope they survive…

Inga vulpina

Suriname cherry


The ingas and surinam cherry are too small. You should wait at least one year to surinam cherries and two for ingas…


Ok Luis, i"ll do that, thank you :slight_smile:


Surinam will turn all red when it gets cold :smiley: I can’t even recognize mine anymore.


Also have a few hundred seedlings from last year in pots in the orchard, might put a few in the ground. They survived the winter fine in the open.
. Curuba, banana passionfruit
. Feijoas
They were all from grocery fruits seeds i put on pots and left them outside last year.


More 3 mulberries arriving later this week or early next week from Italy. All already pretty big supposingly
. Morus Nigra Regina - already have 2 of these but smaller
. Mulberry Sangue e Latte
. One more Saharanpur/white pakistan


Today i got another loquat tree - tanaka variety. Already planted

And waiting for more 7 mulberry trees to arrive, bistrica, moldova pink, collier, another Illinois Everbearing, mulberry Sangue e latte and a another saharanpur - white pakistani


Some of my mulberries are budding out and starting to fruit, even the ones i planted a few weeks ago.

. Portugal (macroura type)

. Shangri la

. Pakistan

. Gerardi dwarf (thank God, for a few weeks i thought the graft was dead)

. 3 Nigras starting to bud out ( aalst, AGM and german unknown)

. Nigra King James starting to bud out also

. Black italian

. Pakistan from belgium

. Saharanpur - white pakistan

. Morus boninensis - japonese endangered mulberry

. Pakistan - clone 10 - hardy pakistan

. Illinois everbearing

. Lavandel

. Sugar cube

. Oscar

. Gelso nero

. Another shangri la

. Madeira mulberries, a few in ground, one in pot

. Gelso rosso

. Gelso bianco

. Weeping mulberry/pendula/ fruiting variety



Soon i"ll receive a few cuttings of silk hope from a nice member here. I tried to root silk hope before and was never sucessful, that member also tried and never managed too. I"ll try grafting, but i am not very good on it…
I can graft to one of my cheap albas, or planatifolia mulberry. We’ll see if i manage to get at least one take


Silk Hope is a M. alba cultivar?