My mulberry and other fruits collection


The best way to graft the silk hope cuttings to the tree i.just bought


Actually: look at the links I provided and check the common names.


Ok, but the leaves of his tree are not from pitanga, it’s from lillipili. I have both.


But don’t worry my friend, jambinho is a good tree to have and is cold hardy. :blush:


Graft to only one of the two branches (Leaving one branch growing works best to insure a graft success). Keep some ‘Silk Hope’ scions in the refrigerator because it the graft doesn’t take you can always graft later in the season (I’ve grafted through summer with decent success, if you can keep it out of the heat of direct sunlight). As far as the best grafting choice, probably whip and tongue is your best bet, but for an inexperienced grafter, a cleft graft maybe the better choice. Be sure to wrap the graft and scion well in Parafilm…the buds will push right through one or two layers of Parafilm.Cleft%20graft


Thanks @Livinginawe :slight_smile:
I was thinking either a cleft graft or a bark graft. Watching a few videos on youtube about it. I watch a few about whip and tongue and they say the same thing, not ideal for a novice like me …

Where on this tree would you put the grafts??


What about the cleft graft or a bark graft at this level in the main branch and leaving the other lateral branch normal??


Wherever the scion diameter exactly matches the branch diameter. I use a cheap caliper to match the two up…I’m always off if I use just my eyes.Caliper


And the other mulberries from Italy just arrived today…
. Morus nigra Regina
. Mulberry sangue e latte
. Another white pakistan mulberry
Big big and heavy package

So much work today…

  1. Need to plant in the field the 7 trees from ireland and Italy

  2. Need to try and graft the silk hope


Step 1 - attempting to graft silk hope to the tree i bought and to a male mulberry platifolia i had planted last year

Unfortunately the 3rd scion was dead :frowning:
(Not sure about the other 2 above, but i gave it a go)


Step 2 - planting the 7 mulberries

The ones from Ireland - bare root trees
. From left to right - Illinois Everbearing , colier, bistrica, moldova pink

  1. Moldova pink

  2. Bistrica

  3. Illinois Everbearing

  4. Collier … forgot to take pictures. I"ll edit the thread later

The ones from Italy - well packed potted trees

  1. Sangue e latte

  2. White pakistan-saharanpur

  3. Morus Nigra Regina - my FIRST grafted on alba morus nigra… all my others are on their own roots

Also planted the jambinho


It’s probably best to either wrap or at least put some sealant on the top part of the new graft,to keep the moisture


I put sealant @Bradybb :slight_smile:


A few updates on some of my mulberries today on the orchard.

Pakistan’s are starting to fruit!

. Pakistan from belgium nursery

. White pakistan/saharanpur from the belgium nursery

. Pakistan Clone 10 from the belgium nursery

. Pakistan from UK nursery

The silk hope grafts i did last week are so far alive, buds are green but no leafs yet

The turkish giant Pink mulberry cutting i bought last year (around October I believe) that i thought were dead, one of them is showing a bud breaking green :slight_smile:
4 cuttings, 1 seems alive, one dead, the others not sure…


While walking the dogs (the only time i go outside… all country is in quarantine due to the coronavirus), there is a patch by a river/creek full of fig trees, they all are random seedlings that some birds must have planted there… while most of them present no fruit, just a very beautiful lush green foliage, there is one small tree thats loaaaded with fig fruitlets. I decided to take some cuttings of that tree to try and root. No idea how the mature fruits will look like or taste but as the tree looks so prolífic and so early in the year i decided to root some clones and wait for the end result.
I have used both hardwoord/lignified cuttings to root and also the small unlignified cuttings to try and root.

Later in the year i"ll check the mother tree for the quality of the fruits


I’m excited :smiley:

But somehow the fruit shape makes me think it’s likely a caprifig, but still worth the shot.


Just ordered 2 taiwanese long fruit mulberry trees and 2 four seasons taiwan mulberries…

  1. Hope they arrive safe
  2. Hope they are really that cultivar… lol
  3. If they are i’ll finally check if the long fruit taiwanese are any different from the pakistan mulberries
  4. Still looking for the himalyan mulberry, which might be the same as the taiwan long mulberry also


I’ll bet the usual amount that the taiwanese long fruit are Morus macroura seedlings.


I have that feeling also Richard :slight_smile:
We’ll soon see lol


@Carld -
Which Four Seasons Nursery?
Hopefully not this one: