My mulberry and other fruits collection


Not four seasons nursery @Richard. What I meant is that i bought 2 mulberry cultivars

  1. Taiwan long mulberry
  2. Taiwan four seasons mulberry



Spending my time at home (national quarantine due to the Covid) trying to do home made aluminium tree tags


Some done


Asked for a neighbor to check my silk hope grafts and some of my pakistani mulberries today. He was kind enough to send me a few pics.

Seems like just one silk hope graft might make it :frowning:

  1. On morus platinofolia rootstock. We have green buds.

  2. On morus alba rootstock… seems dead :frowning:

Some of my pakistan types

  1. Uk nursery pakistan planted last year

  2. Belgium nursery pakistan planted just 2 months ago

  3. Belgium nursery White pakistan/saharanpur planted 2 months ago

  4. Clone 10 pakistan type from belgium nursery planted 2 months ago

He also said all my other mulberry varieties are already fruiting also but didnt took more pictures :slight_smile:

Some of my quinces and others flowering


@Carld, just wanted to say thanks for sharing your orchard pics with us. You have some really nice fruit varieties among the best and you’re so lucky because of where you liven the best climate for growing fruits besides California but also because a lots of the fruit varieties that you have they are not available elsewhere only there. Cheers!!!


Thanks @Ruben :slight_smile:


Quick walkaround my orchard today.
All mulberries are leafing and fruiting… yeaaaah
The silk hope graft on morus planatifolia still budding out, lets see if its a success. The other one seems dead…
Atemoya tree fully dead. Wont try that one again.

Sunflower paw paw i thought was dead but is budding out


My sunflower pawpaw is already full of flowers. I will post photos on my thread tomorrow. But your is looking good! Congratulations!


Thanks @Luisport!


Quick review on some of my mulberries in the orchard.
Just some of them fruiting

Morus alba/gelso bianco

Gelso rosso

Shangri la number 1

Oscar mulberry

Gelso nero - heavy clusters :slight_smile:

Several Nigras (regina, chelsea, Agm, unnamed german and Italian, aalst) - one the reginas last planted just budding now, the aalst planted at same time fully leafed. These beasts are a bit different…

Pakistan clone 10

White pakistan/italian source

One of the Illinois Everbearing - other is in the same stage

Gelso sangue et latte - blood and milk mulberry

Morus boninensis

White pakistan - belgium source

Pakistan - belgium source

Some Madeira mulberries - in pot and in field

Gerardi dwarf

Pakistan- uk source

Black italian - italian source

Shangri la number 2

Portugal Mulberry

And finally my only surviving silk hope graft. Done on the 1st week of March. You guys think it will take?

All other mulberries i have no pics as I ran out of time… ahah… but all others leafing and fruiting


I can’t wait for some taste reviews! They look amazing and I agree I think it’s still not evident that the graft took.


Hope it takes!!! My only silk hope chance:/


For now :smile:


My potted 2 White Pakistan and 4 dark Pakistan Mulberries are giving me 5 fruits per node. I definitely have to net them when they are starting to turn pink down the road to keep the birds away. :blush:


Very nice @tonyOmahaz5 :)))
Cant wait for mine to start ripen


Hi Tony,

What size of pots do you have your mulberries on?



20 gallons


Silk hope graft done in early march, only survival. Do you think it will take?

First partially mature mulberries from the Portugal variety planted this year. Once the tree gets established it should get much much bigger fruits

. Gelso nero (italian variety planted last year) - it was my favourite last year in the first crop. I think i"ll have an abundant crop this year also… look at the clusters of fruit

All the others are fruiting also, some quite heavily also :slight_smile:


More fruits on the Portugal Mulberry


Today i eat my first mulberry fruits of the year… good ones.