My mulberry and other fruits collection


@Luisport hows the shangri la i sent you?

From the cuttings i took from the main shangri la trees last year, today i put more 5 rooted ones in the ground :slight_smile:


I think she died… :disappointed_relieved:


I might be buying a house in the next few months with 750m2 of land to plant, i will ask the folks here ideas of what to plant and in which orientation :slight_smile:
Ofcourse i"ll be putting clones of all my mulberries there :slight_smile:
My current orchard is like 50km away from home


Damn Luis! You sure??? I might take out one of the ones i planted today and sent you. Mine they all survived winter and i sent you the strongest one.
On the other hand the seeds you sent me they also all died lol


I put mine below one big cork tree with more plants… it was so protected that no rain gets there… i thought it gets rain water but it didn’t…
The seeds of the inga? I will have a lot of pods so i can send you more. On first one or two years it’s better they don’t get cold weather.


Mine shangri la rooted cuttings stayed in full open sun and rain through all winter in pots, all survived and i put them in the ground today.


Which mulberry did you eat today @Luisport ?
Mine are still quite green.
The most precocious one is the Portugal cultivar, and shangri la seems to be the next one to get ripe fruits.
All the others are quite behind yet


I eat fruits from Madeira island mulberry. I will post pics on my thread.



This is the land behind my new house. Quite streight but quite long. 750m2 of land. Will need ideas of what to plant in which directions.
The new house also has a water source, a water well
I am going to renovate an old “senhorial - portuguese style” house.

And this is the immediate backyard of the house with an orange tree (at the right) and a clementine tree in the center, in the renovation i"ll keep those, but ill put a lawn/turf in this entire area
The future orchard land is at the back of this

My Madeira mulberries are still quite behind, plenty of fruits but green yet


It looks very good. You have to study very well the min temp you have and see what kind of fruit you like most.

All my mulberries have a lot of fruits… lets see if i’m faster than birds… :smile:


My gelso nero cultivar mulberries are getting ripe.
They were my favourite last year, and so far still are…
Lets see how the other cultivars ripe


One of my king james I morus nigra put on the ground last year is forming a few fruitlets. Might get the first fruits this year around july/august :slight_smile:



have you tasted king james I yet? I wonder what is the taste like.



Hi @Lex, yes i tasted it before from a full sized tree in the UK. To be honest it tastes like any other nigra mulberry, which is amazing lol
I ve tasted lots of nigras mulberries from known cultivars or named trees and unnamed trees, i myself have in another farm that belongs to my family a very very old morus nigra (at least 200+ or 300+ years old) which bears loads and loads of fat mulberries every summer and no doubt about it, nigra mulberries are the best of the best, on a complete different league than albas, hibrids, macrouras, etc…
When fully ripe their taste blows the minds of people that are tasting for the 1st time, acidic + sugary, very juicy, amazing.
My king james the 1st i expect the berries to be very small and not so tasty for a few years, until the tree matures and starts to produce the fat juicy berries :slight_smile:
In this orchard of this thread i have lots of nigras named trees/cultivars and unnamed trees but they are all still small and probably only in 5-10 years time they might produce something amazing, nigras lifespan is long and they take their time maturing. For now only enjoying my other alba/hibrid/macroura cultivars from this orchard


I totally agree with you. I will only add that to me, all Morus nigras that I have tasted from different trees in various regions of the Middle East and the south of France were similar enough that I could not tell them apart. It makes me wonder sometimes if the differences are enough to warrant different cultivars to be named individually…Not having the fruit side by side makes this kind of assessment difficult.


Agree completely @chriso, they all taste the same to me also :slight_smile:


What about the size though? If they all taste similar, I would rather pick the biggest/most prolific…


On nigras? On established trees the size is all about the same!


Agree about the size of the fruit, about the same size


Do you guys see any difference between black mulberry varieties grown in different climate zones? If people here say they all test the same is it true that the Bulgarian one growing in zone 6 will taste the same as the one grown in London (Chealsey for example or King James I) and another one grown in Spain or south of France?