My mulberry and other fruits collection


Well @Lex, ofcourse the weather and the soil conditions can improve the fruit size and taste.
Mediterranean type weather is perfect for nigras fruit quality


We are having a warm weather spell and i spent my afternoon watering all my mulberry cultivars, especially the ones i put on the ground this year

Some updates on some of the cultivars already fruiting
. The gelso nero cultivar mulberries keep on rippening and getting bigger and bigger… really really tasty.

Other cultivars are only now starting to ripe
. Pendula/weeping - really small berries but these ones are tasty… they are supposed to be grassy on this cultivar but my tree is really tasty

.shangri la getting the first berries

. King james I / Chelsea - getting the first berries ever

Unfortunately the only surviving silk hope graft seems to be dying :((((
I am still looking for cuttings of the following cultivars if someone can help:
. Silk hope
. Kokuso
. The real himalayan (very long thin red mulberry)
. Taiwan four seasons and any other Thai mulberries
. Tice mulberry (similar but different than Shangri la)
. Worlds Best
. And any others you might have that i dont have on my collection such as Wacissa, Ranger Ken, Valdosta, etc…)
I am willing to either pay for cuttings or trees or trade for any of my varieties.

Next week i"ll do an update on the other cultivars :slight_smile:


Another very warm day over 34C degrees. Time for some watering and some pics of some of my mulberries :slight_smile:

Pakistan UK source

Gerardi dwarf

Sangue e latte (blood and milk)

Saharanpur/white Pakistan Belgium source

Illinois Everbearing Belgium source



Black Italian

Shangri la

Gelso Bianco

Gelso Rosso


Gelso Nero - this one just keeps on giving amazing big mulberries


Nigra King James I

Illinois Everbearing Mulberry

now ill probably never have the amount or quality of fruit you guys have but i have 3 mulberries. put in northrop last year and 2 river view mulberries this spring. the 2 river views came leafed out with about 20 little 1/2in mulberries. i plucked them off. the northrop came as a 6ft. tree from cricket hill and is just starting to leaf out. mulberries are unheard of here so I’m pretty sure I’m the only one in the area growing them. maybe northrop will give me some berries as I’ve read its a young producer.


The birds are going to love your mulberries.




I’m puting bags on my fruit trees including mulberries…


Your Gelso Nero looks amazing! Thanks for sharing


I’d like to see a picture of that.Thanks,bb


3 more trees for my orchard, 2 figs and 1 araca

. A Fig of S. João Graudo
. A Capa rota fig
. A purple araca

@Luisport this nursery had yellow aracas, red aracas and these ones tagged as purple aracas (araca roxo).
Can you confirm this is indeed a purple araca?? Because i know its rarer and some nurseries tagged them wrong…


Hi! I can’t tell you only by the leaves. Araçá varieties have the leaves very near.


I know, they assured me its the real purple araca… i guess i"ll only find out when it fruits lol


Yes… there are so many araçá varieties… great fruit!


And planted

Purple araca

Capa Rota Fig

Preto São João Graúdo Fig


A few more trees/bushes planted today

. 3 medium sized uvaias
. 2 small sized pitangas

Hope these ones survive, last year i planted a small uvaia and a few pitangas and they all died out/they dried
These uvaias are bigger and so hopefully a bit more hardy

3 uvaias:

2 pitangas:

And tasted a few more ripe mulberries today

Gelso nero

Gelso rosso

Gelso bianco

Shangri la




Well, 4 more mulberry cultivars added to my orchard.
Origin: Portugal
Unnamed cultivars so I will name them 28 black, 28 white, 28 Nigra, 28 weeping as i bought them on the 28th lol.
Bought them all to a local farmer.
The white, black and nigra are clones of some old mulberries he has.
He says that they bear huge juicy fruit.
The nigra his from a centeneray nigra he has in his property, its grafted on alba i think.
The nigra has bigger leaves than my other small nigras, kind of like the centenial nigra on my other orchard.
The weeping mulberry he keeps a few of these because they bear fruit a bit bigger than the usual weeping

Here they are from left to the right
28 Fruiting weeping mulberry, 28 white fruiting mulberry, 28 black fruiting mulberry, 28 nigra

28 fruiting weeping mulberry - this one has bigger fruits than the one already in my orchard

And planted

28 white fruiting mulberry (alba or hybrid)

And planted

28 black fruiting mulberry (alba or hybrid)

And planted

28 Nigra

Check the big leafs
And planted


Very very warm in Portugal, everything is very dry.
Amanzingly my paw paw which looked dead a few months ago is doing well, well as surviving… Lool


You saved me the hassle of trying Pawpaw. My climate is probably way drier than yours and the hot/dry season is much more extended.



I have sent you a message regarding scion wood swap. Not many people from Europe are here on this forum who would like to swap.



My first try at airlayering.
Trying to airlayer 5 branches of my Pakistan Mulberry.
I’ll leave them alone until winter?