My small fruit tree orchard


Hi Luis, so no salt issue in the soil or in the irrigation water, right? Your main concern is just cold?


Yes just cold. I live on a limestone area. I have to mulch or fertilize, but that’s all…


Another two videos about Red Ivory mango… just amazing! Just hope my tree survive… :heart_eyes:


My first serviceberry fruits… YUMMY! :yum:


I’m doing excellent my friend, thank you. The garden’s growing, and I’m happy.

The sete capotes sounds aromatic and tasty! I’ll continue collecting myrtles when the time is right.

And the betel leaf? Have you used any yet? Your collection is very impressive! How’s your climate? I’ve been wondering about serviceberries, but I’m not sure they could take my heat and humidity.


Hello Caesar! That’s great everything is good to you and your garden!
Yes sete capotes is great i just love it. Regarding the betel leaf i already try it and i like it. It’s a very versatile and nutricional plant… very interesting!
Serviceberry is a great fruit, very tasty! Even more rich than blueberry! They are doing great here. We had this year maby 0C as lowest temp and hot summers of 43C on hotest days.


Some orchids…


My jiquiri (solanum alternatopinnatum) is sprouting!!! This is very rare! My cassabanana seedling is growing very well too! :heart_eyes:

Jiquiri. Both fruits and leaves are edible!


Cassabanana (Sicana odorifera)


My cassabanana seedling




Juá-açu (Solanum robustum) is another very rare species. I got flowers last year for the first time, but no fruits. This year they bloom much earlier… Hope to get lucky!


First araça do campo flowers this year…


Does your orchard have both Strawberry and Lemon Guava and if so,which is your favorite?I read that the yellow skinned one has a better flavor,so I grow that and like


Hi! Yes i have both strawberry and lemon araçá. I have too araçá do campo, una and purple. Regarding flavour they are very variable, you should try the red one too… i’m a fan of araçás, all kinds! :yum:


I plan to get several apple trees:
Bravo esmolfe
Arkansas black
Hidden rose
Oxford black
Early maslin
Pink pearl
Pink lady
King David

at least…


Portuguese apple varieties :yum:


Never heard of any of them in USA. A few look appealing.


And those are very rare. The more common are Bravo de Esmolfe, Casa Nova, Camoesa, Riscadinha and Porta da Loja. I will try to have this rarities… :yum:


This is about Bravo de Esmolfe apple :yum: