Nadia Sweet cherry x plum hybrid


Just when I was going to wait wait wait, a few fell off the tree! So much for good hang time. Is that you laughing itheweatherman? I will wait a couple of days while these ripen a little more in the window sill. The small one on the left is about the color they should be.


The Austrailian folks observed that the ones with long stems reverted to short stems the following year. So a scion demonstrating long stems might produce short stems.
I wonder if some of the fruit with long stems were treated with a hormone somewhere along the line.


This could be the big reveal… Like king tuts tomb or whatever that weirdo eas doing 20 years ago


How are they tasting to you? Their bix?


A nursery isn’t going to treat the trees with a hormone that would have this effect two yrs later. And the same nursery, Biringer, apparently grew all the trees including the short stem ones from Raintree.


Hi Antmary
Could you tell us where did you buy your Nadia tree? And you have some pictures of your Nadia fruits for now? Thank you. Vincent.


I bought it from Raintree in 2015. My fruits are bagged so I would like to not disturb them. Tomorrow I’ll try to make pictures. Mine are more along the short stem version.


Thank you so much, I wonder why some of us though you have long stems Nadia. Thank again Antmary.


Good enough information, you don’t have to take pictures of your Nadia tomorrow Antmary. Thanks again. Vincent




They will ripen for a couple of more days on the window sill. I am not in a big hurry. They will be eaten at their pinnacle ripeness.


Sometimes I wonder if interspecific plum hybrids are even worth breeding? What I mean is that they always end up looking like a plum. For example Flavorella, Spring plumcot, Nadia, and the velvet apricot series, are half plum and yet, they look more plum-like than apricot-like. Even Wellman’s Delight peachplum looks exactly like a plum despite of been half peach. Thus, for this reason, as a fruit breeder, I will probably leave plums out of my breeding project and work on hybridizing other stone fruits.


No doubt you’re right, Ulisies. But I still think Nadia might end up being a good breeding parent to cross back with a cherry. At least it’s a good starting point to try to get that chimerical size-of-a-plum-taste-of-a-cherry fruit.


Flavorella to me looks half plum and half apricot but it does taste plum like.


From what Nursery did you got that Nadia from?

I don’t think DWN propagates Nadia cherryplums.


No they had not, on 1738 I said that might mislabeled by Sky nursery or I messed up labels between Candy Heart and Sweat Treat bought the same place as well Ulises.


I snuck a taste of the small dark Nadia and compared the taste to a small Burgundy plum which fell off the tree today .The Nadia fruit on the window sill could have ripened a couple of more days, however the flavor is a little sweeter and more raspberry-berry like now. The burgundy plum has a more bland berry like taste so far. I did not taste much of a cherry flavor in the Nadia fruit. The taste to me is a complex spicy raspberry with a very slight hint of cherry. It should make a very nice jam. I made some Burgundy jam last season, the taste is way better than store bought jams. The Nadia tree is a keeper so far.


I got a real taste of Nadia the last couple of days. They are soft, some even a little too soft. The taste is pretty strong with an acid kick and what many will probably experience as distinct cherry overtones. I’d rate them solid 7 probably an 8 overall for taste. They fall something in line with the Flavor Supreme taste profile, sweet/tart, but they’re not as good as FS. Brix was 23, 23.5, 24 on three I just ate. They ave near 30 gm with stems about 1 cm, 3/8 inch. Small seeds more plum than cherry like but not much bigger than a cherry,

I’d be pretty certain that this is the real Nadia from Raintree.


I’m about to taste another one.


In your own opinion, is that a keeper?