Nadia Sweet cherry x plum hybrid


Thank you so much for all of your reporting my friends. I don’t know what to say but if Nadia doesn’t taste good to me I might remove them to some where else keep rooms for different fruit trees. Doesn’t matter long or short stems. Will find out this summer or next summer year that the most. Nadia better try to be really good babies.


This one scored a 24 brix. It was sweet and acidic. It tastes similar to a pluot, but I can’t remember its name right now.


You might consider grafting other plum/pluot varieties to your Nadia since it is a vigorous grower. This way you will have more selection and pollinators on the same tree and save space.


I’ll keep it at least another yr. But I’m not looking for more than one small tree at this point. Usually if I really like something it gets more space sooner rather than later.

It’s not a replacement for my Bing cherry and isn’t nearly as good.

I don’t like the fact that it seemingly got mushy pretty fast.


Nadia growing shape and leaves look so pretty but I am waiting to taste its fruits soon. If it tastes not very good I just move them to another place and consider they are semi landscaping trees ( the end of this month I will have 1.24 acre land and manufacture home for vacation or renting property)
I will have room for a lot of my plants Rich.


Thanks for the detailed report. This is the type information many of us have been waiting for.


I’m not sure where the Nadia is on my wish list. Based on the reports as of now looks like most of you like them but not quiet ready to call them great. I don’t have the Nadia so I’m doing a little guessing with my thoughts. It will be interesting to see if the taste/quality is different from one location to another.


For breakfast I ate a Nadia followed by a Honey Royale nectarine. If HR rated a 9 and it did, Nadia was about a 6 maybe 5.


All I had was some super sweet blueberries.


I put in a Nadia this year. I’m sure that I’ll like it (I’m a fan of “regular” plums anyway), but I wish the reviews were a bit better. I’m in Zone 5A and didn’t think it would be possible to grow pluots and some of these interspecifics, but it sounds like they’re starting to get some good reports from the colder zones and I’ve planted Nadia, Flavor Grenade, Dapple Dandy and Spring Satin this year.


What kind of blueberry? I’m interested in adding some to my urban farm next year. Do blues get the SWD. I know blackberry do. Truth is don’t know if we even get those in Dallas. I could find out though. Thank you!


The ones I just ate were Millennia SHB. They are about finished ripening for this season. My earliest ripening one was about three weeks ago Oneal SHB. I don’t know about swd for your area but one of my reasons for adding more SHB is so they will ripen ahead of the pest. They also ripen before it get so - hot.


As far as I remember you and I are the only ones that have tasted Verry Cherry. In your opinion how does it taste in relation to Nadia? To me Verry Cherry was good and easily worth growing. No it didn’t taste like a big sweet cherry but it actually had a pretty interesting flavor. I ate some that had a 24 brix last year which is pretty good for fruit from a club store.


I ate Verry Cherry last year, purchased from the grocery store. I liked them and everyone in the family liked them. I think they’re marketed under another name as well, but I don’t recall what it is. Are any of the nurseries selling it?


I prefer very cherry plum over Nadia. Verry Cherry is sweeter, crunchier, and more juicier than Nadia.


They are marketed as pixie sweet, sweet pixie, and cherry-ums.

They are only available for commercial growers only.


We need scionwood!


Thank you!


I tried to get them to sell me some scionwood last year when you guys were talking about it. They said no, it’s patented.


Only The Flavor Tree Fruit Company has the exclusive rights for that variety.