Newly planted Asian pear tree fruiting

This spring I planted a 5 in 1 Asian pear tree from Raintree. It has 5 or so pears starting on each of 4 of the varieties. I know it is best to pick off the fruitlets, but I’d really like to let some develop for morale’s sake (mine, not the tree’s). How much can I get away with, and is there some fertilizing I can do to help make up for the fact that it is fruiting early.

My 5x1 asian pear from raintree also started to produce fruit on 4 of the 5 varieties. I pinched them off. The roots on mine were somewhat marginal. A few large roots but no many small ones. My tree looks pretty rough and leafed out late and thin.

Do you have any pics of yours? I’d be interested in seeing it for comparision.

Here is a picture:

Yours has filled out much more than mine. Mine is not very vigorous at all I’ve put some spreaders in mine to try to get more outward growth although I know it can be challenging with pears.

Yours has a pretty tight cluster of branches there in the middle. Next dormant season I’m going to prune mine back to outward facing buds to encourage wider growth.

Was your 5th variety Anjou?

I let mine grow about 25 pears but it was a little bit taller. Hard to tell the size with a picture, but I think your trunk is wider than mine was. Mine was barely an inch wide and about six foot tall. It only grew six inches of new growth. The fruit was about two inches diameter. My other tree just had a couple of fruits and grew about 12" of new growth. The fruit was crisp juicy and sweet! I don’t think a couple fruit will cause any harm. Those branches will just be shorter than the rest at the end of the season.

Here’s my first year with to many fruit, but that was fine with me. Just about every bud bloomed out.

Here it is this year.

Here is my Twentieth Century with the Shinseki in the background. These trees are three years old. I let the Shinseki grow fruit the first year and then it took a year off. Now it’s loaded again. The twentieth Century grew maybe ten the first year last year it I thinned it to about twenty-five or so, and this year it is going to have about eight or so. They are in a biannual pattern probably because I let them grow to many fruit. At least one has fruit while the other one doesn’t.

Thanks for all the info! I decided to leave on 1 of each variety

One nice thing with letting mine grow fruit the branches are horizontal without having to put spreaders in.