Nikita Pineapple Guava

Yalta UA 44.4909° N
Rangihaeata NZ 40.8119° S
Seattle WA 47.6062° N

Yes, Nikita should be suitable. In theory. Perhaps my micro-climate (micro-micro climate?) is to blame?

Also Yalta gets a lot of heat units. Unlike maritime Seattle.

Some of the early NZ varieties are often grown in Southland (Invercargill and Dunedin NZ) These places receive far less heat units than Seattle.

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Overall you have less solar hours and heat units than either of those places.

Growing degree days Invercargill NZ (Degrees days in Celsius over 10C)




Seattle (from
is around 2700 -2800 most years (GDD 50 in degrees F) Note that 50F is the same as 10C

Applying the conversion factor of 5/9 – We are about 1500 units in degrees C. Much higher heat units than both places.

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They sell just scions now?

A tree is a selection of scions with roots.

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