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Thanks for the new nurseries, added to list. Note that any regular here can edit to add new nurseries. I didn’t add quacken grass given what sounds like his imminent retirement.



This is one that ships scions and various things that i am trying this year.

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They don’t ship trees, we are only putting places that ship on this list (there are thousands of places that don’t ship, too many to list!). I’ll make sure they are on the scion wood list though.

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They ship to California only it looks like. I added them but with a disclaimer.


Thanks Scott I didn’t know that. I’m surprised no Az. and Fl. But I’d imagine Southern Ca. Is all the business they need. Or want. They are finicky trees.

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Historyland Nursery ( is in Warsaw, VA.

While their selection is somewhat limited, they sell fruit trees in 15 gallon containers. When I saw their trees some years back at a Costco in Northern Virginia (used to live there, don’t anymore), they were big enough that the ones that hadn’t sold yet (this was late spring) were setting quite a bit of fruit. So they are an “Instant Orchard” size, as some people call it.

The big caveat is that they are a wholesale nursery and don’t have any guidance on their website as to where one can find a place to buy their plants.

If someone was in business and could buy wholesale and wanted to get some trees that would start bearing a crop right away, this could be a good option and I thought I’d mention it for that reason.

When Costco had their big trees for sale, IIRC they were $45 each. This was in maybe 2016 or so. So that’s a data point for pricing.

That’s a good sized nursery in the middle of nowhere looking at the satellite view of it. Nothing of interest apple wise as it’s the basic box store varieties.

@BlueBerry if someone wants to take a trip down to McMinnville, TN. Do you have a recommendation for time ti visit and certain nurseries to visit while there. If possible start another McMinnville thread to collect ct all info in. one thread.

No, I am getting old and rusty in that area…so I may not be too big a help.

Most of them have a ‘retail’ price, and a price to nurseries and landscapers.
Some…sell to anyone at their price.

Back in 2009 and the years after that so many declared bankruptcy…so if I use my memory as to the folks I’ve purchased from in 1998 or 2003 or 2012or 2016…I may give information that is out of date. I’d fill a box truck or a pickup and trailer in plants if I made a trip there. It’s been some years…more than 5…since I’ve been there.

Nurseries there used to be numerous as fields of tobacco in central Kentucky.

Some I’ve bought from in 15 years include Bert Driver, Center Hill, and Evins Mill Nursery near Smithville in DeKalb County and also some in McMinnville and other tiny spots in the road so to speak. McMinnville, Manchester, Smithville…three county seats…but the farms aren’t usually in the city.
Daylily nursery on the main drag from Sparta to McMinnville, for instance.

If you have the time…take a 2 day trip and look around…you’ve got to start early and come home late if not. :slight_smile:

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If money wasn’t a concern: Bulk or single tree sales to homeowners. From Simpson Nurseries that supply Lowes has nurseries in TN and FL.

Do either of those concerns actually raise trees…or just sell them?
Online resellers I think of as couch potatoes trying to make money from their chair.

Both of those sites link from the menu on Simpson Nurseries as their retail stores. Whether or not the same office handles the paperwork, I don’t know.
From their About Us:
“Plant Me Green is the daughter of Simpson Nurseries— a wholesale nursery that has been providing quality plants for over 100 years and has over 2 million plants and trees in inventory. Now our experience and quality are available to you online! Plant Me Green’s mission is to treat our online customers the way we treat our friends and to do so by selling plants in a way that is both economical and ethical.”


I have bought from plant me green several times. I’m not super impressed with the health of the plants, the last order had two unhealthy trees. One died and the replacement barely lived. The other just limped along the whole first year. Note there were only two trees in the whole order… not good!

On the positive side the customer service was great, they offered to replace the tree just limping along even though it wasn’t dead yet.

I’ll add them to the list, not sure why they were not on it.


I live in the next town over from McMinnville. CVN will have stock available until sometime in March. But the quality goes down the longer you wait, so if you’re going then you’ll need to go soon.

Other nurseries will be similar and not all will sell at wholesale prices.


Gene Redlin keeps getting bigger all the time. I have dealt with him several times. His minimums are now up to $5000 per order. When it comes to wild plants like juneberries, buffalo berries , persimmon etc Gene is your guy. This is his website but when he is gone getting some of the plants he sells will become hard or impossible. If you have a peice of ground recently cleared and need 5000 fruiting seedlings for rootstocks or to grow he is who i would go to

This is what he has in the cooler this minute

If you dont see that tree you want eg. Buffalo berry , seaberry, goumi etc. Call him or email him my experience has been if i will pay his price he finds everything i want. I once asked if he sold blackthorn aka sloe berries he didn’t but he called me 20 minutes later and sourced some. I dont need $5000 worth of stock right now and i likely wont in my lifetime but life has its ways of throwing things at us we didnt plan on. Someone might wind up with 40 - 100 acres of run down farmland that needs planted up someday. He is strictly wholesale and thats what he is good at. His stock is very good to excellent.

For Canadians, is pretty good if you’re looking for fruit bushes. They also have a decent selection of hardy kiwi, I bought mine there and they seemed to be well-packaged and healthy.

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thank you for the list! i am always looking for fruit trees but prefer to buy from Florida and nearby states so the shipping transit time is reduced. i do like to visit Just Fruits & Exotics, they have a nice selection but i recall one pineapple guava i got last year had termites. Everglades Farm is good but expensive, they’ve sent me larger than expected trees and are well packed. Lara Farms is also expensive but ships well and the trees are decent sized. Top Tropicals is expensive but ships well but the trees were kinda small. Sow Exotic is expensive and trees are usually very small (if you don’t order the XL size) but very well packaged.

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Hi everyone, La Réfriche Nursery is a canadian nursery specialised in cold hardy tree crops.

As we are just getting started, we offer mostly nut tree seedlings from our careful selections. In the years to come we will have grafted fruit and nut trees, rooted cuttings of fruit bushes, fruit bushes seedlings and edible perennials.