Old fashioned Limbertwig

Just ate my first Old Fashioned Limbertwig. Have to say I’m pretty impressed. 60 mph winds yesterday knocked it off the tree, I don’t think it was fully ripe yet but nevertheless it was a great little apple. Firm, crisp, sweet, and tangy. Definitely sweeter than it was tart which I prefer. For an apple with no storage I have to say it’s definitely a winner. Had an apple flavor that is missing in common supermarket varieties. Nothing peculiar but just a great old fashioned apple flavor I guess is how they would describe it. The juice inside this apple is just amazing. I don’t know how else to describe it. I can’t wait to press a tree full of these for fresh juice. I think it’s gonna knock peoples socks off!


Interesting to hear your thoughts on it. I had originally ordered OF Limbertwig along with 5 others back in 2019. However, I was sent Old Fashioned Winesap (otherwise known as Winesap) instead. I opted to just keep that though. I got to try Winesap for the first time this year, so it had me wondering what OFL tasted like.


I’m still a year or two out on my OF limbertwig on M111. Glad to hear you like it.

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I have several LT but there only one I have sampled so far is Red Royal. I thought it was delicious!! Decided to graft a bunch of LT onto my tree this past year. I have black LT which might be another name for old fashioned.

If you would like to trade LT scions I would be interested. Unfortunately they seem to be true to their names and small on size.

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Huh. I’ve had OFLT for 25 years… it may be dead now… so unimpressive that after the first season bearing, I never even bothered to pick a fruit… left 'em all to the wildlife.
Glad you like yours.

I know climate and soil conditions can really affect apple flavors so maybe I’ll chalk it up to that. Here in the Arizona high country it’s a winner for me. Plus it’s one of only 4 varieties out of 100+ that actually produced apples this year after 2 late freezes. So maybe I’m a little biased. :slight_smile:

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Many of the LImbertwigs color up early so are easy to harvest too early. It took me several years before I appreciated several of them for that reason … either pick late or store long and they can be great. I should have a pretty good Black Limbertwig harvest this year assuming the deer don’t get too many.


So your LT is one called Red Royal or Myers Royal LT?

Mike, I’m going to have to go back to my notes and check. Here is the listing from Century Farms and it is confusing. These are three separate varieties you can purchase.

Old Fashioned Limbertwig (also called Red Limbertwig): This apple is sweeter than many limbertwigs and ripens extremely late, mainly in November. The apple is red and firm.

—Red Royal Limbertwig: Considered by many to be one of the best limbertwigs, this apple is red and medium in size. It has a distinctive “limbertwig” taste. It ripens in October and keeps well.

—Royal Limbertwig: This high quality apple grows well in the warmer areas of the south. Fruit is medium to large, its skin yellow with some red, and its flesh fine grained, juicy, tender, and mildly subacid. Fruit ripens in October. (One of my favorites)


OMG I have just gone down a rabbit hole of invoices and notes.

My notes in 2018 state I’m interested in purchasing old fashioned LT. In the next year my orchard listing morphed into red Royal. The next year I listed it as just red. Fast forward to today and my semi permanent sign (they’re never really permanent are they) I have it listed as red Royal. THEN I found the invoice which shows old fashioned, which is what I have eaten from my tree. My most recent purchase is Myers Royal. Some show it as a red apple, some red on yellow field. Can anyone comment on that?

@MikeC , thank you for the question. I would never have found this out, and it’s important to me that they are properly labeled.

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Myers Royal and Red Royal are two distinct varieties, if that’s the question. Myers Royal fruit can get huge.

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Those two are my favorites among my many Limbertwigs, with White LT as a runner-up. All are very good keepers, especially Myers’ Royal. Haven’t tried the straight Royal strain, though.

This is my Myers Royal Limbertwig. Many of them are a real “handful” :grinning:


This is my Red Royal Limbertwig. Usually smaller than a Myers. Both grown from scion from Big Horse Creek Farm.


Out with the old and in with the new.


I got one black libertwig… just hope to like it… :blush:

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Nice signs! Do you make them?

Yes, made about 50 of them in the last couple weeks

Forgot to mention there is a hornets nest in a tree at the back of the yard. You can see it on this photo if you zoom in. It’s about the size of a basketball.

Thank you for the great information.