Pawpaws in Seattle fall fruit show

There were several seedling fruit here. From Corvallis OR. The fruits were smaller and more seedy than the Peterson varieties I’ve tasted. Sorry I don’t have inside photos.
Flavor wise they were superior to Peterson varieties though.


Ram, Chris brought a couple of those to the Home Orchard Society Board meeting Tuesday for us to try. I agree the flavor is better, or at least stronger and fruitier, than the Peterson’s. That’s why I was surprised the Peterson’s were so mild.

I love the size and flesh ratio on the Peterson’s though, as well as the texture.

What else was interesting from the Fall Fruit show? We have our Portland area Home Orchard Society All About Fruit Show next weekend.


@murky, lots of interesting stuff here

Several dozen apple varieties. Including a new crab apple called Puget Spice. Very sweet and tasted like an apple. Chris brought one of his seedlings, a very sweet tasting apple.
I tasted Wickson for the first time. It has a unique flavor—tasted a bit tart to me but the refractometer read 19! I heard they can be 25-26 when ripe.

Dozens of varieties of kiwis from the Corvallis repository. I still think Ananasnaja was one of the best.

Many red fleshed apples were in attendance. They are very pretty but the flavor wasn’t quite there IMO.

One of the members has a seedling red fleshed free stone peach. It was quite tasty. It is possibly an Indian Blood variant. It might PLC resistant as he never sprays his trees.


That peach sounds promising. That’s some intense color in the flesh. My Indian Free from Raintree was a bust. I don’t spray either, not out of conviction, just time, hassle, and weather.

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Squirrels have been stealing from my Indian Free so I never got to taste it. Indian free is not self fertile so maybe lack of pollination is to blame?
I am starting this Seattle red fleshed seed in the coming season. Hopefully will be a good variety for our area.

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Cool, I’ll look forward to seeing your seedling fruit eventually.

I have Charlotte, Frost, and an unknown peach as well. I’ll probably convert Charlotte as well. It’s healthier than the Indian Free, but hasn’t been productive. It seems to want to make conjoined fruit quite a bit as well.


Indian Free is similar to Black Boy

Black Boy peach from Bullocks was really impressive!
It may make sense to grow peaches from seed since they apparently fruit very early (3 years) and seem to come mostly true from Parent.

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Sorry that I chimed in on a pawpaws thread about peaches.

I have Indian Free and Black Boy for the first time this year.

In my climate and very limited experience, Indian free and Black Biy looked similar outside and inside. That’s where the similarity ended.

Indian Free was a good blend of acid and sweetness, an interesting and very good peach.

Black Boy was bland and uninteresting and also a bit smaller.

Black Boy on left. Indian Free onnright.


I’m in Vancouver, WA. Tell me more about that home orchard thing? You can send me a private message to keep the thread on track.

Saturday and Sunday from 10-4 at the Clackamas County Fairgrounds in Canby, OR. There will be hundreds of varieties of pears and apples to taste, as well as a number of other fall fruits.


How different climactic conditions impact fruit quality!
Black Boy was quite a sweet and flavorful peach when I tried it a couple of weeks ago. I’ve never tried Indian Free as it has been stolen by squirrels each time! Protecting it with a bag has made no difference.

I hope my Black Boy’s quality will improve.

No bag, except for ones made of metal screen, can stop squirrels.

Back to pawpaws, I like Shenandoah. Sweet, creamy, fruity, reminding me of banana. I had Sunflower about the same time. It was good but I did not like the bitter after taste. It could be that it was overripe?

David I highly recommend the Canby show too. I wish I could go.

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@David_DeafGardening I will second the recommendation. Really cool and a lot of varieties.

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Started setting up in Canby today, almost 400 varieties of pears:


Appears to be a far bigger event than the Seattle show. Too bad I can’t make it.

It’s every year, one of these times you can come. We have the propagation fair in March also, for scions.


@murky I’ve been to the fruit show but never propagation show. Was thinking ordering pear scions but maybe I should go to the propagation show instead. Do they have a lot of pears or do they concentrate on apples with just a few selection on pears?

Pears are very well represented, hundreds of varieties. We get them from the USDA Clonal Germplasm Repository in Corvallis.

I think we cut after they fill their accession requests.