Pear collector

Hello everyone,
I live in Switzerland, unfortunately my English is not good.
I collect pear varieties.
Which of you also collects pear varieties and where are there collections of pear varieties?
Thank you

Hallo zusammen,
ich wohne in der Schweiz, mein Englisch ist leider nicht gut…
Ich sammle Birnensorten.
Wer von euch sammelt auch Birnensorten und wo gibt es überall Sammlungen von Birnensorten?
Vielen Dank


@Roman1 … at the top of the site.

Search option (magnifying glass)…

I searched on “2023 pears” and found several good posts with many varieties of pears listed.

One of those linked below.

Good luck to you.

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Hey Roman,
I am in Switzerland too, welcome!

Hoi Roman, ich bi au us de schwyz, freut mich das du da bisch!
Kännsch du d’PGREL-Datebank scho?

Dett chasch au im edelreiser-schnittgarte vo ProSpecieRara luege und die denn bide Baumschuel Toni Suter bstelle:

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Hallo Oepfeli,
ja das kenne ich alles bestens.
Ich suche noch Birnen und Nashis aus den USA .

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Hello and Welcome!
I love pears and I’m trying to grow some.

My favorite pear threads are:

I have 48 pear trees that are between 10-40 years old. I am trying to get them back in shape for production. I don’t even know what many of them are.

Some others, I have cut to stumps and I will be grafting onto this spring. I’m picking varieties, so I read a lot of pear posts!

Tell us about your pear trees. Which ones do you have? age? pictures?

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