Persimmon Fall Color


Very impressive. Seems an early variety.


Yes, I think it’s even earlier varieties than Saijo.


My orchard neighbor persimmon. No idea the cultivar :slight_smile:

And just planted 3 on my property today :slight_smile:

Coroa de rei, fau fau and Rojo Brilliante

The coroa the rei I put parallel to the neighbors persimmon

Rojo brilliante

Fau fau


Here is my collection of first year grafted trees putting on their fall colors. The American persimmons all seem to go yellow, but some of the kaki and hybrids are really very vibrant. The very bright red one in front is Masumoto Wase and the rest of the very bright ones are mostly Kasandra. So far those seem to be the most intensely colored. It will be interesting to see how things react when they’re in the ground next year.


Some of my trees are starting to change colors.


Hana Fuyu

Tipo on only parts of the tree

Cheong Pyong





Two large Giombo tree I grow need to be cut in half sometimes. 3days of constant rain after a drought not good.


My Nikita’s Gift finally turned colored.


My Nikita’s Gift has lost all of its leaves now. Even so, I think this tree is quite beautiful.


What is that bamboo stake for?

Can you eat NG firm? Or does it get soft first?


Thats a beautiful sight indeed!
In the Seattle area persimmon leaves are yet to turn color. Maybe another 2 weeks or so.

Nikita’s gift



I got a bunch of “Hachiya” from an asian market last weekend. I was brave and tried them at mostly translucent stage and no asringency. The shape is a little squat, like these. I suspect they are actually Rojo Brilliante and treated.

I haven’t been quite so brave as to try one of the firm ones yet, and my timing of eating one a day has them ripening to firm jelly just about perfectly. But maybe I’ll try the firmest one tonight.


Nikita’s gift is astringent, so it needs to be soft.


Aybe I confused it with JT2. I think among this hybrids, JT 2 can be eat firm. I am so used to eating firm Asian persimmons. The crunch is part of the fun.


I’m 20 miles or so from Bear_with_me, and my persimmon leaves haven’t started turning yet. Several were largely defoliated a few weeks ago from wind storms though.

Supposedly Izu, Coffeecake, Chocolate, Fuyugaki, Saijo, and H118


@mamuang, I had some bamboo stakes to hold the branches above easy reach for deer, and to keep branches from breaking under the weight of all that heavy fruit. The bamboo sticks tend to fall over so I need to do better job next year.

and Murky is right, Nikita’s Gift needs to be as soft as an over ripe tomato. Then it is SO delicious!


No kakis left here after the Easter Big Freeze Disaster of 2007 and Polar Vortex in 2014, but Great Wall had best red fall leaf color of any I’ve grown.


Some more persimmon leaves are changing colors. They aren’t turning bright red but more of a maroon in my yard.

Jin Yong non-astringent

Korea Kaki



You got great growth, Drew. Those rootstocks were worth your money and then some.