Persimmon Fall Color


They are further ahead than Saijo — which is still greenish and hard.
Saijo is not very early contrary to what I’ve heard mentioned. It usually ripens here only in mid to late November.

Nikita’s gift and Jiro are coloring up well.


I think Giombo ripe easily in room temperature and more ahead than Saijo. I will post pictures of my Saijo here tomorrow.


I picked most of my American persimmon fruits in Orange color but firm and ripen them on the counter until wrinkle skin and no astringent in taste to avoid pests.


My Saijo, fruit size smaller than Giombo.


That is some attractive foliage right there! Is your Izu tree still doing well?


I would like to get yours opinion between Saijo and Tam Kam. I would like to order both but can purchase only one at the moment.

Which variety is best in your opinion?

Thank you


You ask me? Yes my Izu doing well but some reason has no fruits yet even with very good size tree.


That looks similar to mine, including pretty vigorous. I bought my tree in 2013 from Burnt Ridge and this year its holding 7 fruits for the first time. These are the ones that I’m not sure are true to variety.

I’ll be interested to see if our leaves look the same after they turn color. It’s one of the few trees that kept most of its leaves through the heavy winds.


Vincent, where did you get your Izu? Is it a Dave Wilson tree on lotus rootstock?


@murky Sky nursery. They didn’t indicate what kind of rootstock at that time. Never fruit yet. I think in our areas American persimmons are perform better and sweeter than Asian persimmons.


I loved this time of the year.


Do you pick them before they fully ripen? Which ones taste better counter ripened or tree ripened?


The weather is getting colder and the critters are after all the fruits. I think counter ripened are as good or even better than tree ripened because I let them soft ripe to get the sugar level up a bit.

Jerry Lehman's Orchard Fall 2017


Outside working yesterday I noticed my combined stakes were Gorilla taped. Getting old, finally. Lots of changes recently & including prescription glasses. Couldn’t remember I have been using Gorilla Tape for several years, now.

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Ichi-ki-kei-jiro, only 3 fruit made it to this point. Hopefully will have more next year.


Probably the very best ‘Deer Magnet’ is ever going to look. This has been a magnificent year here in IL for Fall color, too.


My Prok graft on a Nikita’s Gift tree. Most of NG’s leaves are still green.


Look delicious! Are Yates seedless, BTW?


Giombo persimmon in Northwest.


Nice. Those look as orange as my Coffeecake now, and my supposedly Izu.