Persimmons - Coroa de rei & Rojo brillante - details?

Zendog, I get plenty from both, but KBS get more, Giombo bigger fruits, still plenty from both. Before spending on to many varieties, I would make more trees from your own varieties.
I mentioned this before, collect seeds from native trees, and grow the seeds in tall narrow containers to preserve the taproot, then graft them the following year, trying to preserve the taproot when planting in the ground. Graft them at about 2 feet above ground with a simple w/t graft.

IIRC, Clifford England has had (or perhaps just had) Rojo Brilliante growing well over 10 years ago at his place. I don’t see it listed in his offerings or his scionwood list… so, wonder if it’s not hardy enough here in 6b.

Not in my experience. But maybe I have just bad luck with them.
But they were propagated in a warm climate and maybe they were not adjusted enough.

@Kaki-pistacia … just wondering if you know how cold it got… when your RB persimmon trees died.

It is not that unusual for me to get 0-10F here in TN.

Cliff lost all his Rojo Brilliante in the polar vortex, if I remember correctly.

One died completely at 5F.
An other survived the first winter at 8,6 but died in the winter after at ? I don‘t know anymore.

But they came all from a warmer country. Some other persimmons which should be cold hardier died here, I assume because there were not well adjusted enough.

I know someone he has RB at least for 10 years and it survived here.

Ram, you are correct, got my tree from him the year before he got hit with the Vortex. That’s the time he gave up with Asian persimmon.
Rojo Brilliante was the best thing happened for me because that’s how I got my huge citrus varieties trading with a bunch of Californian citrus growers, starting around 2013.
My Greenroom is filled with pomelo’s, mandarins and others.


Coroa de rei is just marvelous… soo juicy and sweet sedless variety! I can’t say any minus thing.


Is it better than Rojo Brillante?
Is it sweeter and more aromatic?

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They are very different. Coroa de rei is much more juicy, it’s marvelous. Rojo brillante is more like a very sweet pudding and marvelous too!


Does the fruit ripens late?

On the fotos it looks pretty big too.
Is the size comparable with Rojo Brillante?

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mine are biger but it’s an older tree… my rojo brillante tree is young so it will improve and get biger

Thank you for the informations.
Does it ripen before Rojo Brilliante“?

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rojo was a bit earlier but more or less the same

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Nice citrus collection

It was a good thing to be able to get sionwood before the citrus greening took effect. There is no traffic now for citrus sionwood availability. My tree’s are now of aged. Been enjoying citrus for a while, still picking till the end of February, I hope.


I looked into the Rojo Brillante in German forums.
Many have them because they are the easiest persimmon tree to buy here. ( I have just bad luck with them for some reason)

Some reported it handled protected -4F!
But many said the same, it starts budding to early
if you have a problem with spring frosts, then the flowers can freeze and no fruit.

you were lucky to caught the right time :slightly_smiling_face:

But also nice green room.

I build a frame of pond liner to save me the saucers.

@Kaki-pistacia … thank you for the details… and we often do warm up late March… then get a 25F or so early to mid April.

I may just try the CDR and RB anyway… it would be cool if they did make it and fruit occasionally.

I have several young persimmon trees in the edge of my woods… 2 or 3 inch diameter and 15 to 20 ft tall.

I could lop them off at 6 or 8 ft and graft on a mix of scionwood… RB + kassandra or CDR + Proc. May just do that.


15-20 ft tall does not look young to me :smile: