I have some I bought from Burpee a couple of years ago that were supposed to be White D, and were advertised as self-fertile and everbearing. My experience has been that they only bloom in the spring and must need a pollinator since my patch set only two tiny fruits despite having a ton of blooms. I’m thinking they sent me the other pineberry they carry, which is advertised as June-bearing and needing a pollinator. I have a pollinator planted now, so maybe I’ll finally try the fruit next season.

I’m now trying to tracking down a White D or some other everbearing variety. The only thing I seem to able to find are Wonderful and White Carolina. Anyone have experience with these varieties? Are they worth growing? I plan on growing these on my patio for my kids to pick, so a long fruiting period is more desirable to me than having a bunch of fruit all at once.

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The Strawberry Store is a good source for seed if you are willing to sprout them. I think they sell plants too though. I’m trying them for the first time this year so not sure on the pollinator issue.!/Alpine-Seeds-alpina/c/12512098/inview=category12512792&offset=0&sort=normal

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I am a big fan of yellow wonder. But I have found that when growing from seed that only about 1:2 of the seedlings fruit white.

I lost most of their bed due to some sort of burrowing/digging creature earlier in the summer.

I’ve always ordered the seeds from pinetree


Nourse farms has one.

And the Cook’s Garden, which I believe is Burpee under a different label, has White D.

I have the Burpee one and the Cook’s Garden White D. Neither produces more than a few berries per season for me.

Huh, good to know. Now I won’t be scratching my head when some come out red!

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I grow White D I got from Burpee’s and they did well. You might give them some time. and yes they are June bearing!


Thanks for the info, Drew. I’m a little disappointed that White D behaves like a June bearing, but your picture is giving me hope for some fruit from my patch next season.

Yes yields increased the 2nd year. i only got a few the first year, and this is the third year pictured.
I only have a few left I have been coating them in chocolate after being frozen, I coat and let thaw. Wow, amazing flavor. Most of them i used for preserves. It came out tasting great, but color was not that appealing.

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Hi Drew51, Im doing a deep investigation on the properties of Pineberries, and I need the actual fruit or jam in order to present my thesis I live in Houston and is being very hard to find them! Is there any place you know I can get them in Houston? Or can you sell me some?

This year I mixed the pineberries with about 10% red strawberries. I’m in the process of moving them, and so harvest was small. All I have is the mixed jam, and to tell the truth, I liked the pure stuff a lot better. I won’t mix them again. You can have a jar for postage, but it’s not pure. Sorry, wish I could help more. Yeah the above photos was from the 2015 season. That jam, preserves was excellent and gone in a NY minute.
My best jam this year was Carmine Jewel Cherry-Red Currant. Wow! tasty, just excellent stuff! The next best was Wyeberry-boysenberry-tayberry jam.


Thank you for your response! I would love to buy them from you! Even if is a mixed jam, I being looking for any edible pineberry product for weeks! And I would love to taste you carmine jewel cherry red currant! just tell me how can I pay you, im very new at this.

Thank you!

PM sent

Norse Farms sells them on-line

I was given some, and a few took. Hope to compare them. See how they do.

I tried but they dont have them because they are out of season =/

But thank you!

You can buy seeds on line but no plants until spring.

Just saw these for the first time being sold commercially. 4.99 for 10oz at Publix in Florida. Flavor was better than store bought strawberry and they were a big hit with the kids.


In Vancouver, WA, before my pineberries had ripened yet (so around April?) I also found large white strawberries for sale in a grocery store. I thought it a fair price, and tried it, and it was good. I hope that helps it to catch on.

My single pine berry plant that barely overwintered, then went insane after the apartment owners pulled out all of my plants and made a tree into bark dust mulch, has as of this winter become a lush 2’ mat of berries covering about 20 feet or more and about 5’ from building to grass. Last summer I harvested a lot to eat, and then late June I was in hospital with appendix burst so I lost the rest to the bunnies. I am quite sure that since my apartment management gave up on removing my berry food supply that I will have a LOT to pick this spring.

My point is that I am in zone 8b, but we had 115 degree heat two summers ago, and nearly that much last year, and without my being there in July to water at all, they still survive and thrive. We had upper 20s this January, including this week for a low, and they are green and happy. They do better than the red strawberries sold, taste little like them, have same texture as they do, and are worthy of growing in your garden. It would be a good investment in your family food resources as well as for selling at markets.

Had some Driscolls pineberries from the store a few weeks ago. The most blush of the berries had a slight pineberry flavor but nowhere close to home grown. They did taste better than most other store bought varieties, but still not on par with how they should taste.

New one released. May be available to buy soon? ‘Florida Pearl’

Currently sold at Trader Joes etc.