Potted Figs, Persimmon and Stone Fruit (Nectaplum, Plum, Peach)

Hi All,

I’m planning on up-potting a persimmon and black mission fig, and adding a pot with Spice Zee Nectaplum.

I have 30 gal ceramic pots ready but had a few Qs for the potting experts:

  1. I was going to use a 50/50 mixture of sand and Recipe 420 potting mix for the figs and the Persimmon.
    1.1 Does this make sense?
    1.2 If not, what mixture would you suggest?
    1.3 And finally, should I use the same for the Nectaplum?
  2. Does the size of the pot make sense?
  3. If I have a much smaller fig - say a VdB I just rooted, is it ok to keep it in a smaller pot (10-15 gal) for now? Or should I get a 20-25-30 gal for it from now?
  4. Are folks growing peaches in pots too? If so, any advice on the size and mixture and varieties?

I’m in Southern California Zone 10.



Found these 2 forum links that have good discussions on potting soil topics:

Seems like my mix suggestion might be fine…

I don’t grow persimmons. Fig do fine in smaller pots. It doesn’t dwarf them or anything. If uppotted they will grow as large as possible. VDB is more bush like or can be but eventually it will grow tall if it can.
I do grow peaches in pots which do tend to dwarf them. I use 30 gallons too.
I plan to keep tree small.
Your mixture sounds ok I have my own.
You can always add nutrients so growing medium is not that important.
I myself would want a mixture that stays moist as long as possible in zone 10.
Even here in zone 6 I use soil with lots of organic matter and DE the size of perlite to keep moisture in.

Thank you Drew! Will try with this and also talk to a local nursery owner to get his thoughts since he grows a bunch of things in pots too.

I saw your comments on the other posts I linked above and it seems like you have a lot of things in pots in general so I really appreciate your feedback and experience.


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Persimmons will do fine in large pots for years. 30 gallon is a fine size. You might need to repot after 5 years or so and every 3 years thereafter.

Peaches should be fine too.

Figs do great in pots even as small as 5-15 gallon. Of course larger is better.


This year will be the first year I work.with persimmons. My daughter bought property with about 40 fruit trees and yours truly gets to take care of them. I think the property has at least six persimmon trees, if not more. Only a year old so I can shape them. I grow peaches in containers and they do very well. Fruited like crazy!

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That’s very cool to hear. Thank you! Best of luck on your persimmon journey. I might just do a peach in a container. I’ve been eyeing the Saturn Peach and a few others and definitely don’t have the yard space for them right now. One day I hope to be able to buy a property like what your daughter has bought :slight_smile: and plant an orchard.

Thank you! Good to hear. I’ll be transferring my persimmon from a small pot to a much larger one (25 or 30 gal) in the coming weeks. Excited!