Prok and Yates American persimmons


Yah , same here.
While it has been cool lately , it was plenty hot when they would have normally ripened. So not sure why so late?


Yeah, and several of my other persimmon varieties seem late, too.


Hereare my 3 Prok this year. They started to wrinkle. I let them hang on the tree through a night of 21 F a few days ago.


I have never had prok stay on the tree this late.
Mine were late this year , but all dropped several weeks ago.
I have Several older trees of them, find it odd that yours stayed on so late. I have never seen that here.


This is the first year I have persimmons fruited, Nikita’s Gift and Prok (grafted on Nikita’s.

It could be that it was the first year. The tree only get 5-6 hours of sun in the summer, even less in the fall.

These did not drop. I cut them off at the stems by a pruner. They could have hung on even longer. My friend’s Yates ripened last month. His is a big mature tree.


Makes me wonder if being grafted to nikitas gift caused it to be late ?


I can tell you next year, maybe. I grafted another Prok on a seedling. If it sets fruit next year, I can compare. Again, that one gets even less amount of sun.


My prok also all dropped weeks ago, way before it get wrinkled. But 100-46 will stay until picked.


Same for me. My Prok ripened in late September and they all dropped.


I personally think my Prok was very late because 1) it was new. 2) it lacked heat. Not only our summer is not that hot, the tree is in partial shade and this branch is on a shady side of the tree.

I think the wrinkle occured after the fruit went true many hours of freezing temp (21 - 22 F) 3 days ago. I left one NG on the tree to see when it will drop.

Here is the size comparison between NIkita’s Gift and Prok.